Friday, July 31, 2009

Kangaroo Zoo

While we were in Utah, we went to the Kangaroo Zoo...twice!! We had so much fun that we had to go a second time so grandma could see the kids squeal with delight. Once again, we were lucky that we had Aunt Millie to help us out.
At first, Ben was a little nervous, but after awhile he held nothing back. Emmy was a little animal and loved Kangaroo Zoo! She loved going down the slides backwards.Hyrum was able to play with some friends that Camille was babysitting for the week while we were at Kangaroo Zoo and had a great time. He also enjoyed the baseball game they had set up there.He loved doing the races. The kids would each see how fast they could climb-up the blow-up slide and slide down. Hyrum went pretty fast.Hyrum also enjoyed going to cooking classes and going to the movies with these fun friends. He also thought it was awesome when he was able to go and play over at their house with Millie.
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Jill said...

Those places are so much fun! It's fun for me to see the difference between Ben and Emmy--they are so adorable!

Shauna said...

Thanks for letting Camille babysit that week when you guys were in town. My kids LOVED playing with your kids. Chandler still talks about how cool Hyrum and Ben are and Meagan quickly tells him that Hyrum his her boyfriend.