Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Funny Hyrum Conversation!

Hyrum is so funny to talk to. Most of the time you still can't understand him, but he will talk your ear off. The new thing that he says goes like this:

Me: What does a cow say?
Hyrum: MOO
Me: What does a pig say?
Hyrum: Oink
Me: What does a duck say?
Hyrum: Quack, Quack
Me: What does Hyrum say?
Hyrum: I love papa!

It is so funny. He will swap names if Grandma is there instead of Grandpa, but most of the time he tells you that he loves papa! He really does! Hyrum is always asking to go see Grandma and Grandpa and loves to talk to them on the phone. He thinks they are the best; especially when they play baseball with him.

Here are some recent pictures of him with Grandma and Grandpa!


I have been missing in action lately. My sister has let me borrow one of her books and I cannot put it dow! Any spare minute I have I want to be reading this book. It is called Twilight. At first, I didn't think that I would really care for it since it is about vampires and I enjoy reading things that can happen in "real life." However, I love it! The author does an excellent job of helping the characters come to life. Brandon loves when I read it since I get a little nervous and want to cuddle. This book has a great balance between romance and suspense. Anyways, I would highly recommend it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Also this past weekend...

Our cute little niece Hannah got baptized! We are so proud of her and the choice that she made. There was such a sweet spirit at the baptism and we were happy to be apart of it. Hannah is such a good girl who loves to help out. She even volunteered to change the babies' diapers when she came to visit. She loves to color and is a great sister to her siblings. Hyrum loves playing with Hannah and thinks she is the best and so do we. We love you Hannah!

Hannah and Ben

Hannah and her brother Carson

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

We had such a great time this Easter. Hyrum had a blast! He loved the Easter egg hunts. He would run as fast as he could to go and find the hidden Easter eggs. He did such a great job finding them too. He was able to participate in three Easter egg hunts. One with the Broderick extended family, one at our house and one at Grandma and Grandpa Brodericks.

Sweet Hyrum and his basket

Checking out the loot!

Hunting for eggs!

What a sweetheart!

The Easter Bunny also made his day by bringing him a fair amount of toys. His particular favorite was the bat and ball and the lawn mower. He played with the bat and ball all day. He even took it over to Grandma and Grandpa Broderick's house and played outside in the rain. It was so so cold, but he didn't want to come in.

Hyrum got lots of great toys for Easter

Playing Ball with Grandpa

The babies seemed to enjoy watching Hyrum run everywhere trying to get the eggs. They also looked adorable in their Easter clothes and got some new toys. My only regret is I didn't get a picture taken of all three in their Easter outfits. Overall, it was a great Easter!

Emily in her Easter dress

Handsome Ben in his Easter outfit!

What Cuties!

Brandon and I are grateful for the testimony that we have of the Savior and his infinite atonement. We are grateful for this time of year to remember and celebreate Christ's life, his death and his resurection.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

What an awesome trip!

We had such a fine time in Colorado! Believe it or not the babies did excellent in the car. We couldn't have asked anything more for them. Hyrum was happy since we took my dad's Yukon that has a built in DVD player so he was fine and loved watching a couple of his fav. movies.

It was great to see everyone. I don't get to see my mom's family very much. Her sister Marsha flew in from Texas with one of her daugthers Callie. Hyrum loved Callie and was so happy to have a little playmate. His favorite time was outside playing with the rocks, sticks and dirt (did I mention he is all boy?). My mom's other sisters Rachel and Becca and their families were there as well as my grandparents. Not to mention beloved Abby (grandma's dog) and Tess (Becca's dog). Abby got a workout from Hyrum. She is used to only octegeneran people and not a wild 2 year old.
The babies loved it there. So many people to love them, hold them and give them kisses.

We stayed in a hotel and Hyrum got to sleep in a bed with mom. He loved it! After we said prayers he patted a little spot next to him with his hand telling me to come up and lay by him. He is so cute.
We also enjoyed swimming, but the pool was so cold we didn't stay very long.

The only down side of the trip was that Brandon wasn't there and I came home with strep. Overall it was a great trip and everyone had a great time!

(Click on the pictures to see the captions)