Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scoot Coupe

One of the days we were visiting Utah, our neighbor Jordan brought home the Scoot Coupe during his lunch hour. The boys were in HEAVEN! Hyrum and Ben couldn't get enough rides in before Jordan had to go back to work. I love Hyrum's face in the picture below. You can tell he is loving it! Every time Hyrum and Ben saw Jordan after that day they would ask him if he brought the Scoot Coupe home.Emmy wanted to try riding in the coupe, but only lasted a few feet before she started to cry and wanted to come back to me. She did try riding it again with me in the coupe with her and she did much better. For most of the time she was content just to play in the yard and watch everyone else have their turn.Thanks again Jordan!

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mamasteph said...

Very cool!