Thursday, January 29, 2009

Talking Tibberators- Give Away

The things Hyrum has been saying lately have been cracking me up. It is so funny to hear him talk about how he views his world around him.

As most of you now, most of the time it has been hard for anyone to understand him except myself.
Two things he has been saying have been making me smile recently. After awhile of pondering, I finally figured out what he meant and was trying to say.
I thought that I would make this a contest. The people who guess correctly what he has been trying to tell me about will be put in a drawing to win a beautiful bracelet or bracelets for the cute little girls in their family. Or if no girl, then one to give away to a niece or friend. Valentine (red and white) bracelet is also another option.

The first one is "Feast and the Booty"- Movie

The second one is "the wiggle thing." In context, "I want to go on the wiggle thing."

Leave a comment with your guesses.

The contest will go until Feb 1st at midnight. Good Luck!

Finishing Utah

Below are some pictures from the trip to Utah that we took around Christmas. This is my last Utah post for now, so I wanted to end our trip with some cute pictures from our trip that didn't make it into other posts.
We had such a great time in Utah. We played lots of games. After the kids went down for naps or down for the night we would play games for as long as we could. We had a blast.Of course, the kids loved being read to by everyone. They love to snuggle up for a good book.Emmy found many people who would help her find her nummies.Hyrum was in love with the snow.Ben had a great time wrestling with everyone.Movies were watched in the infamous blue chair.Grandma gave in and got Ben a Mack truck too since Santa only brought one. Ben was so happy and packed and still packs around his beloved toy.We are so grateful to my family for being such wonderful hosts. They took such great care of us. Everyone loved being in Utah and it was a sad day when it was time for us to leave. It is hard to leave loved ones behind.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This morning we woke up to snow on the ground. Hyrum school was canceled and I didn't feel like going anywhere, so we had a lazy day. I was reading in bed and Mr Ben comes up and got in bed and snuggled up next to me. We snuggled for a very long time. I think we really both enjoyed it. Neither he or I moved at all, but just savored the closeness of being with each other. It gave me time to ponder how much I love this sweet little boy. He brings happiness to my heart. I am so thankful that the Lord decided to send that little extra baby b. I love you sweet Ben!

Monday, January 26, 2009

One Reason Why I Love My Boys...

Yesterday, Ben and Hyrum marched around the house with flowers in their hands. Hyrum told me that he and Ben were pretending to be Knights and they were coming to give flowers to their princess (me) and Emmy their queen (yep, they got that one right. She does rule the roost). I love to see them play pretend.

New Year's Eve and Day!

For New Years, we went to my dad's oldest sister Mindy's house. Our family goes over to her house every year to celebrate the start of the new year.

This year is the year of the Ox, so Mindy had a few different activities for the kids to do to celebrate the year of the ox.

Mindy had a cute little book that the kids each took a turn reading about a ox. The picture below if of Brandon reading the story to the boys again.The kids also got to play pin the tail on the cow.
Mindy also set up a spot for the kids to color a cow.

There were also spots to guess the word of the year 2008 and it was bailout. Also, a spot to list the major events that happened this year in our family.

She really went all out to help celebrate the new year and does every year.

The food, like any B. gathering, was fantastic! Great people to talk to and catch up with. We all really enjoyed ourselves. The only downside is that night Ben was still getting over strep (he had been antibiotics for over 48 hours) and Emmy had two ear infections so they were a little sad.

Hyrum couldn't get enough of all of the cousins. There are tons of kids and he loved every minute. He loved a game that was there that had a person use a gun to shoot and knock off some bottles. Below he is with my cousin Jane.Hyrum and Ben also loved playing ping pong with Papa and Millie.Camille and my dad also enjoyed playing some ping pong together.Since there are so many young kids, New Years is celebrated at 9:00. The kids celebrated in still with hats, noise makers, bubble packaging. The kids, especially Emmy loved the bubble poppers. It was a great night.During New Year's Day, Brandon's sister Lorri and her family came to play with us at my parents house. Like we usually do when we get together, we played games.The girls got their fingernails painted by Camille and thought it was wonderful. Emmy was in heaven and kept ooohh noises when she looked at her nails. Emmy and Natalie had a fun time being little mommies to the babies Emmy got for Christmas. Good thing they were each able to have a cradle and baby. I had to do a little searching to find the cradle that Camille and I used for our babies growing up.Overall, it was a perfect way to celebrate a new year.

I just wanted to make a little note about New Year's resolutions

As a family we decided to set goals to:
Reading our scriptures every day and not skipping
Doing morning and evening family prayers
Be a healthier family (eat healthier, exercise, etc.)

Also, as part of my New Year's resolution I set up a person blog that will be just for me titled I am trying to work on my own journal for this year to catch up on the memories that have come and gone and the ones still to come.