Saturday, August 01, 2009

Family Home Evening

While it Utah, we were able to have Family Home Evening with my family. Of course, we had to sing Book of Mormon Stories. It was the only song we sang for Family Home Evening growing up. The kids got really into the actions during the song and it was really cute. Here is Emmy doing the part "far across the sea." The lesson that was done was the famous garbage can lesson we had growing-up. You have a whole bunch of words, some nice and some mean. The words that you want to have in your house that are nice, you push them through the slot on the house. The words that are mean, you put them through the slot on the garbage can because you wouldn't want them in your home. My siblings and I had that lesson many times.

After the lessons we went and saw the horses that are close to my parents house and took them carrots. The kids love to go and see the horses. If you notice in the pictures, Emmy is only in a couple of them. Once the horses were really close, she did not want to be close. The boys enjoyed feeding the horses. We didn't stay too long because it started to rain. We finished off the night with yummy ice cream.

I am grateful for the time my parents took while I was growing up to make sure we had family home evening and scripture study. I am so grateful for their testimonies and for the influence they have had in my life.


The Larson Family said...

What a cute lesson idea! I like those little chairs too. It's funny how kids latch on to a song and only want to do that song. We love book of mormom stories around here too.

mamasteph said...

Isn't it great when your kids are old enough to participate and really enjoy FHE?!