Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Natalie's Birthday Party

While in Utah we were able to celebrate cousin Natalie's birthday. The kids were so excited to go to her party. Her mom planned the party date just so we could make it. However, there was an accident and construction on the freeway the day of her birthday and normally a drive that would have taken us 20 minutes (we started the drive 40 minutes before the party) took us 2 1/2 hours to reach our destination. As a result, we missed most of the party games. We did make it in time for cupcakes and other treats. We also made it in time to see Natalie open her presents. We gave her my very first sewing creation with my new machine (a cape) and gum. I honestly think the gum was her favorite present.Also, the kids were able to color a bag to use as they went and hunted animals in the backyard. The kids also got some fun animal hats to match the jungle themed birthday party.Can you tell Ben is saying Roar. Hyrum is making an alligator mouth with his arms.We stayed long after the other guest left to visit and play with Lorri and her kids. We love going to the house with a flock of Birds.BubbleShare: Share photos - Find great Clip Art Images.


mamasteph said...

What a cute theme! The kids look like they had a blast! And yuck on the traffic! I always hated construction/rush hour etc. traffic in Utah!!!

KaraLynne and Andy said...

cute! Corilynn has the same dress as Emily.

T and B said...

Your Utah trip looked like so much fun. I love spending time with family during the summer.