Sunday, July 26, 2009

Playing Outside

The weather was wonderful while we were in Utah. As a result, we played outside almost every single day, more then once. The kids loved the freedom of being able to play with out dying of heat in a matter of minutes. They also loved the wonderful soft grass (which we don't have in Memphis), all the toys, sidewalk chalk, which they drew everywhere (I am sure my parents are still finding "pictures" all around ). The kids were in heaven!! I didn't take very many pictures of them playing outside, but trust me they played lots and had a great time. To be honest, I was soaking up the sun on the grass reading various books my sister said I "had" to read. The pictures below are of the two boys showing off their muscles.


Bonnie said...

Ahhh! How nice to enjoy beautiful summer weather without the nasty humidity! I am sure the kids had a blast! I love the pictures of the boys, so cute!

mamasteph said...

Love the boys "muscle" shirts! The weather out in Utah really was fabulous in June!!!