Friday, July 10, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Hyrum had his preschool graduation from Ms. Tami's at the end of May. He was so excited for this big graduation; especially since Aunt Millie was going to be there.

He looked as if he was really nervous during the program. Which I thought was funny since he knew everyone in the room, he knew what they performed for the program since I had heard him practicing many times at home. He would go through moments of the program where he would be nervous and then act as if nothing was wrong. It was a fun program to watch all the many things the kids had learned that school year.

To start the program off they did a song to get their wiggles out.During the program, the students shared the Articles of Faith which they had memorized during the year. By the way, Hyrum's favorite article of Faith is the 2nd one. "We believe that men will be apunished for their bown sins, and not for Adam’s ctransgression. " I think he really likes saying the word transgression. He says it really cute!The picture below is of the students sharing the fourth article of faith. "We believe that the first principles and aordinances of the Gospel are: first, bFaith in the Lord Jesus Christ; second, cRepentance; third, dBaptism by eimmersion for the fremission of sins; fourth, Laying on of ghands for the hgift of the Holy Ghost."
The next thing the class did was demonstrate how they know how to do Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes in English and Spanish.

Next, they shared how they know how many days are in a week and the name of each day in the week. They also shared how many months in a year and the months' names.

Then they demonstrated how they could count from one to one hundred. As well as signing their ABC while they were singing.They finished their program by signing and singing As I Have Loved you from the Primary Song Book.

Ms. Tami then went on to highlight each of the students when she gave them their certificate. Ms. Tami said that Hyrum along with his friend Lexi, had exceeded her expectations. Also, that he knows his numbers 1-30 and can tell you what the numbers are. He can also read three, four and five letter words and working on reading sentences. He knows all of the alphabet and can tell you what the vowels are. He looked a little nervous while waiting to receive his certificate.We have loved Ms. Tami and think she has been a fabulous teacher. Hyrum recently told me after he had eaten his portion of dessert (ice cream) that Ms. Tami said he could have more ice cream. It was pretty funny!Hyrum loved going to preschool! LtoR Top Boo, Kelsie, Hyrum, Aleece, Ms. Tami, Bottom Row LtoR Lexi, Haylie, Maggie, Macey, Delanie.

Brandon got Hyrum a card saying how proud we are of him for working so hard in preschool. Daddy also gave Hyrum some gummy bears and Hyrum thought that was pretty neat.Hyrum is such a smart boy and continues to amaze us with his thinking abilities, his concern for others, and his sense of humor. We are so lucky to have him in our family!


Ashlee said...

That is so special. I still remember my preschool graduation.I am amazed that they memorized the article of faith. THat is pretty cool!

Jill Revell said...

That is the cutest thing ever! He looks so cute in his graduation hat. What a fun class!

mamasteph said...

Ms. Tami does an amazing job! It was so fun to sit and watch them perform all the things they had learned this year!