Monday, July 13, 2009

Fun With Millie

We had such a great time with Aunt Millie when she came to visit us. She came at the perfect time. She was able to come for Hyrum's preschool program, help me with Super Saturday and being a true sister that she is, she flew home to Utah with me and the kids. However, before we flew home to Utah we had some fun.

The kids loved waking up and watching some cartoons with Aunt Millie on the couch.They also had a great time making silly hats. They wore them constantly.
Ben and Emmy had a great time picking strawberries with Aunt Millie while Hyrum was at school.We also took Millie to one of our favorite places, the Children's Museum of Memphis and had a great time. We also had Millie come with us to a local sprinkler park.

Of course, Emmy's toes had to be painted. What kind of trip would it be if we didn't hunt for sharks?
We loved having our Aunt Millie come to visit! We love her so much!

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mamasteph said...

Aunts are so fun! Looks like the kids had a great time!