Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swimming Lessons

While we were in Utah, the kids were able to participate in swimming lessons. Hyrum did a beginner class and the twins did a mom and tot class. The picture below is on the first day of class. Look how cold they look and the dark clouds in the background.During the time we had swimming lessons, it was too cold to go swimming. Our classes were early(9:15), and most of the days we had swimming lessons it rained. In other words, the water was cold. Too cold for Emmy and Ben's liking.

Hyrum loved his class and couldn't wait to go each day. He was always so excited. Every time I saw him during swimming lessons he always had a such a big smile on his face. He loved going around the lazy river as a train with his class. Hyrum also loved getting in the shower(they have one outside) to warm up after class.

Hyrum loved going down the slide and couldn't get enough of it on the last day of class. The picture below was taken right after going down the slide.The twins on the other hand didn't like their classes so much. To be perfectly honest, the main teacher wasn't that great at focusing on the class, he was focused on flirting with his teaching assistant though. Also, Ben and Emmy were the only two in the class; it was a little awkward.

However, the twins loved it when they got to use their "ice cream scoops" and motor boats to chase ducks. They loved putting their ducks on the slide and racing to go and get them. We would put the ducks on the slide, take a few steps back and then they would take turn saying "On your mark, get set, GO!" They loved singing songs during the swimming lessons; especially Wheels on the Bus. The pictures of the twins below are of them practicing their "motor boat" kicks to the song Motor boat.Doing "motor boat" kicks to get grandma wet.They also liked using the kick boards. Looking back on the pictures that were taken, I noticed that more often then not, they did have smiles on their faces. I think they liked the classes more then I thought. I am grateful for my sister and my brother who helped me do the mom and tot class with the twins.

During the last few minutes of swimming lessons, the twins were able to play in the baby pool. It took them the full two weeks to warm up to that pool. First, it was so cold. Second, Emmy slipped while walking on the first or second day and went under twice in seriously about five seconds. That experience didn't go over very well. However, when we went and played in the pool on a day we didn't have swimming lessons they loved the baby pool. I think the reason why they didn't like the pool earlier had to do with the fact that the water was so much colder during swimming lessons.
They thought it was so cool that on the last day of swimming lessons they also got to make a train and go around the lazy river. They were also excited to go down the slide. They had been eying the slide since day one of swimming lessons. Emmy hated the slide. Ben thought it was fun but a little unsure.Emmy loved wearing her "Missy Mouse" swimsuit. The kids really enjoyed their swimming lessons and hopefully will be able to do swimming lessons again next year.

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mamasteph said...

There were lots of smiles in those pictures! They look like they had a blast despite the cold water!