Thursday, January 11, 2007

A picture is worth a million words!

I think these pictures do a good job of depicting my life with the twins and Hyrum.

Blessing Day!

We blessed Ben and Emily on Dec. 31. What a special day! There was such a sweet spirit there. Dad did a great job and gave them beautiful blessings. We couldn't have asked for a better day!


Handsome Ben
Hyrum in his Elmo chair he got from
Grandma and Grandpa Broderick

Hyrum and his Elmo dishes
he got from Aunt Millie

Getting Grandpa some food
Ben and Emily

(sorry forgot to turn picture)

Miss Bright Eyes

We had so much fun this year with Christmas. Grandpa Broderick (AKA my dad) got uas a real live Christmas tree that reached the ceiling. It looked beautiful and smelled so good. Hyrum had a blast this Christmas. He loved the tree and was always anxious to turn on the lights. When they came he would get all excited and go Cute! Pretty! It was so funny to listen to. We did Christmas morning by ourselves and then went over to my parents house. When Hyrum first came out int he morning he went to Ben and Emily's toys first. Finally he realized that there were other toys especially for him. Some of the things he got for Christmas were a Circus Animals Fisher Price set, tools, animals and of course cars. In the picture he is lining up his cars in a row.

Hyrum and his cars!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Great-Grandma's Christmas Party

Each year Great-Grandma Broderick has a Christmas Party. We have a nice little dinner, sing Christmas songs, read Christmas stories and play games. Not to mention, Santa Claus comes and brings us a bag full of goodies. This year Hyrum was really shy around Santa and I think a little nervous. He did enjoy the bag full of gifts though, especially the bubble bath.

Great- Grandma Broderick's Christmas Party

Our Family
Hyrum and Daddy

Snoozing Ben

Emily and Mommy

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Our Artist

Hyrum loves to color and as you can tell, on anything! I needed something to take a message from a phone call and the thing I grabbed the quickest was a permanent marker. While I was taking the message, Hyrum and Ben started to cry after their naps. I went to Hyrum first to see if I could get him to go back to sleep then I went to Ben. All was well for a good hour until I went back to check on Hyrum. He was very proud of his art work. I found him with a big huge smile on his face standing by his markings on the bathroom vanity. I later found them on his cute truck and car sheets in his bedroom and the wall. Gotta love this 2 year old!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

December Picture of Twins

Ben and Emily 7 weeks

Mr. Ben
What a great big brother! He loves to help with the twins and loves to give them hugs and kisses.
Our Princess