Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun With Millie -Part 2

One of they days Milie was visiting we had a full day. First, Hyrum had his last day of preschool which was the crazy hat day. After preschool we went out to lunch at "Chick of the Flay." Next, came a birthday party for one of Hyrum's fun friends in the ward.

The party was at a Fire Museum downtown. The kids had a great time and ran from one thing to the next. They were so excited to see all their friends and to be at a new place to explore. There was an ambulance, and a couple of firetrucks and various firemen clothes for the kids to play in.
They also had a device similar to what would be at the top of a ladder of a fire truck. The kids would get in the little box and shut the door. They would then push a button and the bucket would be raised and the sound of water would start. The kids could look ahead and see a screen showing something on fire. Ben was very scared of this device and would literally freak out if anyone in our family tried to go in. He saw me attempting to step in the box and he grabbed my pants to pull me out and was crying the whole time while doing so. He is very protective of his family.The kids loved sliding down the fireman pole. I didn't get a picture of Hyrum since he always went to fast. The kids had a great time at the party.
Since we were already downtown, we decided to go to Mud Island. Taken from the website about the river walk
"The River Walk is one of the most unique representations of the Mississippi River in the world. It is a 5-block long replica of the lower Mississippi river, from Cairo, IL, to New Orleans, LA. Each 30" stride is equivalent to one mile on the actual river."

The kids had a great time doing the river walk and got completely wet! They loved having Aunt Millie with them and I also enjoyed the extra help. Mud Island was pretty fascinating with all of the historic information that could be found.

As we were getting ready to go the kids found tons of lady bugs in the bushes. My kids LOVE bugs. Ben was holding a bug while we were walking to the car. After a short while the shell of the bug was in one had and the body was in the other. The joys of receiving loves from children.

We had such a great time with my sister. I was so happy that she would take time from her busy schedule to come and visit us. In case you were wondering, my hair is so much longer then hers!

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mamasteph said...

Aunts are so fun! Your cute kids look like they had a BLAST with her! :)