Monday, December 10, 2007

Top 10 things to do with Sean

My brother, Sean, came to visit us from Utah the week after Thanksgiving. We had so much fun with him. Hyrum would wake-up every day and tell me that he needed Sean; in fact, he still tells me that. Hyrum was so excited to see Sean when we went and picked him up from the airport. Hyrum was also bummed when Sean had to leave and decided soon after that it was his Papa's turn to come and visit him.

We loved having Sean here. He was so nice to help me out with the kids and was very patient and understanding with all the many things we had going on. We hope that Sean will come and visits us in the Mid-South again.

Here are the top ten things we did with Sean

#10 We went and saw the Mississippi River. We didn't get out to walk around, it was really rainy that day. However it is amazing how big that river is and we didn't look at the biggest part.

#9 On the same day we visited the river, we visited the Memphis Temple. It is one of the mini temples and very beautiful. Also, since it is raining we didn't get out and walk around.

#8 Having Sean come to Church with us was one of mommy's favorites. A kid per adult...heaven!
#7 Hyrum loved going to the mall with Sean. At the local mall they have a carousel. All children 5 and under ride free as long as they are with an adult. The first time I rode with Hyrum and he rode on the Dragon. The second time, Hyrum rode with Sean and he rode on a Reindeer. Hyrum loved riding on the carousel and waving to everyone.

We also stopped by the Disney store at the mall and Hyrum thought that he had died and went to heaven. So many of his favorite characters from shows were in that shop (Cars, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins and More).

#6 Having Sean here to hold two babies, another one of mommy's favorites. It took the babies a little while to warm up to Sean; especially Emmy. After he was here a couple days, they loved chilling with him.

Sean and the babies

(in their Christmas shirts that came from Sean's suitcase)

#5 Exploring Sean's luggage was a highlight for everyone. Grandma packed many surprises for everyone in Sean's luggage. His suitcase was very similar to Mary Poppins' bag, you never knew what would come out of it and many random things were in the bag. Everyone was so excited to find out what would come out next. Emmy even crawled in his suitcase so she could have a better look.
#4 Watching movies and eating popcorn together is one of Sean and Hyrum's favorite past times. The movie they usually watch together is Cars. Sean must of had the magic touch because within a few minutes, Hyrum was fast asleep.
#3 Hyrum loved having Sean here to take naps with him. Once again, Hyrum is still asking to have Sean to come and take a nap with him.

#2 Also while Sean was here, I had all the different colored dragons in the house defeated by my two knights. Not to mention that I, the princess, was rescued. Hyrum loved that game and Sean was kind enough to play it with him. If you notice in the picture below Hyrum has his big sword and Sean gets a wimpy diving stick. That is how it goes around our house if you play with Hyrum. He gets the nice coveted things in the house and the babies get the gimpy things.

The two knights!

(notice the swords!)

Defeating the blue dragon!

#1 Last, but not least, just having Sean here to read books, play cars and just give loves was the highlight of him being here.

Come visit us again soon!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was hoping to do this post earlier, but our computer was having problems reading our memory card. Anyways, here is the Thanksgiving post. Check out my other post for more about our trip to Texas.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We spent our Thanksgiving with Brandon's parents. As well as Brandon's brother, his daughter and Brian's friend and her kids.

The food was fantastic! My mother-in-law, Ethel, went all out this year. My favorite included the marvelous turkey, yummy yams, and your typical mash potatoes and gravy. Brandon was absolutely in heaven when his mom made his favorite homemade orange rolls.

The babies, especially Ben, were in heaven! They loved being able to sit on the laps of their grandparents and have them feed them the delicious food from the table. Emily went nuts over the pie. After she helped me eat my pie, she went over to Brandon to help him with his piece since she was so put out when my pie was all gone.

Hyrum loved being around all of the kids! It was hard for him to focus on eating his food with all the excitement going around.

Also, who would have guess that we would get snow in Dallas, Texas! It didn't stick, but still it

It was a great thanksgiving! Brandon and I have much to be thankful for. We have been blessed in more ways then we could describe and we owe it all to a loving Heavenly Father.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

This post is dedicated to the Princess!

As many of you may remember my previous post about finding Emmy almost completely out of her pajamas. Well, today, I found her all the way out of her pajamas and standing up in the crib, in her birthday suit, waving hi to me when I came in the room. Yes, that means her diaper was off. Needless to say that today, due to the nature of the diaper, a complete bedding wash was in order. No wonder only Ben was crying this morning, the princess was obviously busy and didn't want to be disturb. A new order has been in place, that not only does she need to have clothes over her diaper at all times, she needs a onesies on as well. I think an extra layer will prove to be crucial to avoid future messes.

However, despite this incident the little princess is stealing our hearts everyday. She loves ice cream. If she sees you eating some, expect to share with her. She loves to play with the phone and pretend to talk on it. If you say hello, she will put whatever she has in her hand up to her ear. She loves to clap and will do so on command. She loves her daddy and is so excited when he comes in the door. Emmy loves to read books. She loves to push her push toy around the house and can take a few steps with it. She might be able to take more, but she has her brothers there who think they need to play too. She loves to be held, but only for a little while.

Like I said before, she is our princess!

Three Monkeys in the Tub!

These pictures I took back in October. Around the time the babies could sit-up pretty well (September), I started bathing both babies in the tub at the same time. Of course, Hyrum being the water boy that he is, desires to get in the tub with them.
Therefore, I end up with three monkeys in the tub which makes bath time wild, fun and entertaining! I think they love it when all three get in the tub until there is too much splashing. All three of my sweet monkeys love bath time!