Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Go Penguins!

On June 3rd we flew to Utah to spend time with my family. We were able to spend some time with them for almost a month and had such a great time.

One of the things we did while it Utah was go to my brother's softball games. He plays on a city league team. The kids LOVED going to his games; especially the boys. Ben is a huge "b-ball" fan. They loved taking their balls, mitt and bats to the games. They also enjoyed playing on the bleachers. The picture below include, Hyrum, Ben, Emily, My mom, Millie, Jordan and SeanEvery time Sean's team was in the dug out, Ben would go and have a little chat. "No Pictures!"- I think he was bugged I was blocking his view
They loved watching the game and would cheer for Sean when he got up to bat. Sean was the pitcher for his team the Fighting Penguins.One time, when we went to the game, it was really windy.
They were disappointed that after Sean's game ended they couldn't go play on the field since another game was about to begin. They thought it was their turn and got quite upset; especially Ben. However, they still had a great time at the ball park.


Jill said...

Summer softball is one of my favorite things!

When are you headed in the Denver direction?

mamasteph said...

Love the smiles on their faces! So priceless!