Sunday, June 07, 2009

6 Years Down

I can't believe that six years ago Brandon and I got married. At times it seems like we have been married forever and other times it seems like we have only been married a short time. On the first day I met him, I thought he was so good looking and had the best smile and personality. I haven't been disappointed.

I can honestly say that our love has grown immensely for each other since we have gotten married. Brandon is such a good man. I couldn't have picked a better person for me. He is so thoughtful and caring. While I have been on my trip here in Utah, he has set up little surprises for me to receive every day. I have loved it!

Brandon gives much thought to my needs and how he can meet them. I love the fact that he will come home with flowers just because. When he is able to be home, he helps out so much with the kids and takes whatever time has to spend time with them.

I love the fact that Brandon makes the Church a top priority in his life. He makes the time to fulfill his calling, personal scripture study, prayer and other things related to the gospel.

I love to hear him sing. He has such a beautiful voice.

We celebrated our anniversary earlier this year since I would be gone on the actual day. My sister babysat the kids for us, since she was in town, so we could go out. We used a gift card we received and went out to eat at Olive Garden. After dinner, we went and saw the movie Angels and Demons. We thought the movie was pretty good. We loved being able to spend some time with each other and are grateful that my sister was willing to watch the kids.
I am so grateful to have Brandon in my life. Hopefully we have many more years of happiness to come.