Sunday, March 29, 2009


Recently Ben and Hyrum have been playing quite a bit together. I think a reason why they are starting to get a long so well is the fact that they are both growing up. Ben understands the rules of the "games" a bit better, Hyrum is willing to have more patience with Ben, communications skills for both boys have dramatically increase etc. Also, another reason why I think they are starting to get a long better with one another is the fact that they are both boys. They have very similar interest.

They love to play cars together. They love getting their Mack Car Transporter they got for Christmas and drive their cars around. They also love to drive their cars on the couch. They each get a side of the couch to drive on. Another thing they enjoy doing together is watch the movie CARS.

Ben and Hyrum love trains. They like to drive their engines side by side and love it if by chance we see a train as we are driving in the car.

Also, they enjoy playing with sports balls together. They love throwing the football back and forth to each other (they both have a good arm, Ben throws left, Hyrum throws right). They also love to kick the soccer ball back and forth.

Another big hit recently is that Ben and Hyrum love playing with their toy airplanes together.

Emmy had to find a helicopter and get in on the action.
They love sharing a room together and most nights you can hear them talking to each other, giggling and being silly.

It is so cute to see them play together. Of course, they still fight occasionally, but for the most part it is quite evident how much they love and care for one another.


Carl and Starla said...

All of your kids are so cute! I bet Hyrum is excited that Ben is finally old enough to "play". I know Skye was excited when she realized that Delanie wasn't just a blob laying on the floor and could actually play & then she was VERY excited when she started to play. How fun for your boys!

Sarah and Scott said...

That is so fun they are playing so well together! Hope my boys do that :)

The Larson Family said...

How fun! I can't wait til my kids are old enough to play together.

Jeannette said...

there is something so cute about brothers. Dylan likes to play with Jaxson (especially cars) but loses interest after 10 minutes. I hope as Jaxson grows older they can play for longer amounts of time!

lcdiaz said...

It so fun to watch them play! Kaiden is just getting to the point that Christian wants to play with him...its so sweet! All of your kids are super cute! I miss you guys

Susan said...

So, if the boys are playing, you and Emmy get to have girl time, right? Paint nails, fix hair? :) You are lucky to have children that enjoy playing together. And they're so cute!