Monday, March 02, 2009

Valentine's Party

Hyrum's cute preschool teacher had a precious little boy at the beginning of February. Since Hyrum's little preschool class didn't have a Valentine's Day party, I thought it would be fun to have a party for the kids.

The party was initially set-up for the Thursday before Valentine's Day, but I got sick and needed to push the party back to the next week.

I decided to do the party in the afternoon when Ben and Emmy would be taking their nap.

We made some cute invitations to invite everyone to come to the party.

When everyone first arrived, they colored valentine pictures while we waited for everyone to arrive.

While I was quickly cleaning up the table after coloring, the kids decided to play Duck, Duck, Goose while they were waiting. I don't know why some of the kids decided to lay down in this picture, but I thought it was cute!The first activity was playing Don't Eat Cupid, a very fun game that I would recommend for little kids. They each got a turn to be "it" and pick the spot on the game that was "Don't Eat Cupid." Everyone did a great job patiently waiting for their turn.After "Don't Eat Cupid" we played pin the nose on the snowman. The kids were spun in a circle four times. After they were spun, they then tried to place the carrot on the snowman. Hyrum's friend Kelsie got the carrot in the perfect spot. Very impressive!The next activity we did was a balloon drop. I put a target on the ground and gave each child a balloon. After blowing all the balloons up since only one kid could blow up their own balloon ( I was feeling very light headed). They all let go of their balloons and hoped that their balloon landed on the target. They game was pure craziness, but the kids all had a good time.Next, the kids each got a paper bag to decorate for people to deliver their valentine's to. The kids took their coloring job very seriously. I thought everyone did a great job decorating their bags.After the bags were decorated, the kids placed them on the fireplace. I then helped each child deliver their valentines while the other kids looked at some fun valentine books.

Adorable Aleece
Sweetheart Haylie

Cute Kelsie
Lovely Lexi
Marvelous Maggie
Delightful Delanie
Friendly Boo
Handsome Hyrum
The next activity on the agenda was to play a valentine day bingo. The kids seem to really enjoy playing the game, but I think that could be partly due to the fact that they got to eat their conversation hearts at the end.
Then the kids went on a treasure hunt. There were clues through out the house to help the kids find their goody bags. There was a clue for each kid to find; everyone got a turn. I think the kids loved this activity. They had so much excitement and you could tell on by the look on their faces that they enjoyed the thrill of the hunt.To end the day, the kids were able to decorate and eat cupcakes.
Hyrum and Kelsie

I had a fun time planning the party. I also had a great time doing the party with the kids. It was a great time.BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing


Liz said...

What a fun mom you are! I don't know if I'd have the energy to plan and give the party for all those preschoolers. Good for you! It looks like such a fun time. You have really fun ideas! :)

emily said...

thanks for the great party nat! the kids loved it! so when are you throwing a party for us moms!?? you party animal...

Julie said...

You are going to make a great Room Mom once the kids get into school!

mamasteph said...

Thanks for doing this! You are awesome! Aleece had a wonderful time!

salem said...

you are amazing. my hat is off to you!

Jeannette said...

I'm glad they got to have their party. Kids love class parties! You are really good at organizing kids stuff! I have yet to do a craft for babysitting night!

Marci said...

Sounds like a fun party. I need to have a birthday party for Jake that I am dreading! I wish I lived by you--I would have you do it! We love the game Don't eat Cupid! We call it Don't eat Pete, and you can play it at every kind of party!