Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dates With Dad

Brandon had his Spring Break the first week in March this year. The one thing that he said he wanted to do was to take each child out on their own personal date. I thought this was a great idea and supported him as he took each child out for some quality daddy time.

Emmy had her date first. For her date they went to ride the carousel at the mall. She was so thrilled to go with daddy all by herself. Brandon said she was so excited when she saw where they were going. She picked out the "neigh" she wanted to ride. Brandon and Emmy rode the carousel a couple of times and then went to eat at McDonald's. Emmy even got to have ice cream afterwards. When she came home she was seriously the happiest I have ever seen her. She was running everywhere laughing and giggling and being silly. I think it did her little heart some good to spend time with her daddy.Hyrum went on his date with daddy next. He was so excited for his turn. He watched Emmy go out on her date and knew that his turn would be soon. For his date he was so pleased to go with his dad out to eat at McDonald's and then to see the movie Bolt at the theater. He talked about his date with dad and the movie for days. He also was so happy that he got to spend some quality time with his dad.Finally, it was Ben's turn for his date. He also went to the Carousel with dad and found a "neigh" to ride on. He rode the carousel and headed off with dad to McDonald's for a fun lunch and some ice cream. After lunch, Brandon thought it would be fun to take him to see some real horses since Ben's favorite animal is a horse and he loves real animals. However, the horses by our house weren't very close to the fence that day so Brandon took Ben to a near by park. Of course, Ben was in heaven! He loves to be outdoors! Going to the park is one of his favorite things to do. He was so happy to spend some time with his dad. He had a great time on his date. I am so grateful for a husband who takes the time to make each of our kids feel special and important. Also, I am grateful for the time that Brandon puts in to be the best dad he can be.


Gurr Family said...

How fun! I love when dads do that and I remember going on dates with my dad and they are still good memories. I bet Brandon is all McDonald's out.

Thank you so much for the bracelet and the head bands she looks so cute with the huge flower on her head. I love it. I put a picture on my blog showing her off. You will have to check it out. Thanks again!

The Larson Family said...

What a good idea. It looks like they had a blast!

mamasteph said...

What a fantastic idea!!! The kids look like they were in heaven!