Friday, March 27, 2009


Instead of doing Flashback Friday today. I thought that I would take the time to spotlight some of our dear friends who live out here in Memphis.

After going through years of infertility after the birth of their second daughter they have decided to adopt.

Carl and Starla are some of the nicest and friendliest people that I have ever met. Just to give you a little back ground...
On that first scary Sunday that I was new to the ward, Starla was the only person that came up and said hi to me. She was so friendly and outgoing, invited us over to her house for a party etc. She was the person who gave me hope that maybe my time in Memphis wouldn't be so bad.

She is seriously one of the best mothers I know. She is so loving, caring, watchful and protective of her children. She does a great job of correcting a problem(discipline) with her kids in respectful way with her kids.

She is always so kind and caring with my children. Always quick to say hi to them. She watches out for them and has literally saved one of my child's life.

She was one of the friends who really helped me out and calmed me down on the scary day with Emmy when she hit her head.

I am so grateful to have Starla in my life. She has been a great example to me.

On that day when Emmy hit her head, he left work and came and met me at the hospital and stayed there until Brandon arrived. I was so grateful for his help that day.

Also, like Starla he is so nice and friendly. I have never heard him (or Starla) be mean to anyone. I don't think they have a mean bone in their body.

Carl is also so great with kids. He is so cute with his girls. You can tell that he loves them and they love him so much!

Carl also takes time to say hi to all the kids he comes in contact with. Like Starla, he is so sweet with my kids and quick to say hello and chat with them for a few minutes.
Carl and Starla's little girls are about are so cute! They both are great friends to Hyrum and watch out for our Emmy and Ben.

If anyone is or know someone who is going through the process of putting a child up for adoption I would suggest to strongly look at Carl and Starla. They would be and are awesome parents and have a lot of love to pass around to another child.

They have an adoption blog set-up which you can find here. Also, they have a profile set up with LDS Family Services which you can find here.


Carl and Starla said...

Seriously, Natalie, you made tears come to my eyes. You are a great friend...thanks!

emily said...

Ditto to EVERYTHING you said!!!!!!!