Thursday, April 02, 2009

Handsome Hyrum

The other day, when Hyrum was out running errands with Brandon, Hyrum told Brandon that he needed to do three things when he got home.
1. Say hi to mom
2. Give mom a hug
3. Give mom a kiss
It was so cute! I loved it when he came in and did his three things before going off to play. It is nice to know that he missed me while he was out with Brandon.

Yesterday night, before I went out to spend time with some friends, Hyrum told be to be good, not to bite and not to hit. Can you tell what conversation we have before we go anywhere? The conversation is mostly for Ben and Emmy, but he still picks up on it. It was too funny listening to him give his words of advice before I headed out the door.
Also, he tells random people that Ben and Emmy are twins when we are stopped when we are out running errands. We get stopped so often, he now offers the information up front when people start to talk to us. He also adds on "This is Emmy, she is nosy."


lcdiaz said...

I love his little agenda! How sweet! He is growing up so fast and he is totally Handsome Hyrum.

Lorie said...

How cute is he! And such a good big brother! ;D

mamasteph said...

That is so cute! He is such a sweet boy!

steph and brent said...

That is adorable. What a treasure.

salem said...

I love reading about your kiddos! You guys are doing a great job ;)