Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patrick's Day!

We had a great St. Patrick's Day this year. To start the morning off we green french toast with orange juice. Hyrum thought that having green food was silly.

After breakfast, we went off to Ben and Emily's playschool. A group of ladies and myself do a playschool together and we rotate who teaches each week. This week it was my turn to help, so I stayed and helped the lady who was teaching. Also, Hyrum is still having a little break with his school so he was able to join in on the fun.

When playschool was finished we headed off to the park with some friends and had a picnic. The kids had so much fun. It was great for them to get out some of their energy. The weather was beautiful! . My kids are in heaven when we are at the park. They love to go! All of them are content to be pushed in the swing for a good 20 minutes or so.

Ben and Emily are really getting good at climbing up all the different parts of the playground. Ben literally has no fear and scares me quite often. I really think that he thinks it is a game to see how he can ruffle my feathers.Emmy is not quite as daring, but she still does well at moving around the playground on her own. She loves the climbed the chain link wall. Brandon taught her how and she can now master the feat.Hyrum loves to play at the park and runs a hundred miles a minute. There is this one part of the playground that the kids use to play store where they pretend to buy things or pretend the spot is a concession stand before you go into the movies.If his friends aren't at the park, he very easily finds some other kids to play with and have a good time. Hyrum dressed himself that day, I didn't realize until half-way through the day that he put his shirt on backwards.

As we were leaving the park, some friends invited us to go to The Pink Palace Museum in Memphis with them.L to R Boo, Emma, Skye, Hyrum, Delanie, Maggie, Ben and EmmyI started out with Ben and Emmy in the stroller, but eventually got them out since they were fussing and wanted to be out of the stroller. The stroller worked out nice as the older kids would hop in and out of the stroller as we walked around and looked at the exhibits.

The museum had a really cool exhibit about pooh. The kids thought it was great. We put all the kids on the scale, minus Ben and Emmy, and the scale said it would take an elephant 14 hours to pooh them out. The kids thought that was hilarious.

The museum also had bones and other information about dinosaurs which Hyrum thought was awesome. He is a big dinosaur fan.

The kids as well as myself were fascinated with the history part of the museum where it showed different clothes, toys and other items a person would find a hundred plus years ago. My camera died after the first couple pictures. It wasn't until we were getting ready to leave that I realized that I could use the camera on my phone.

To end the day, we met daddy at his school and had dinner with him. The kids were so excited to see him. They love their daddy! Having dinner with Brandon at his school was the perfect way to end the day!


The Larson Family said...

What a fun mom! You've inspired me to be more festive next year.

steph and brent said...

How cute that you made green breakfast! My mom did that when I was little. I miss it. Good for you.

emily said...

um... thanks for leaving out the part about me and 12 hours!!! REALLY?????!!