Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday- March 2006

For this Flashback Friday I am doing a post about when we took Hyrum to the beloved duck pond at BYU during March of 2006.

One thing that makes me sad is that I don't have very many pictures of Hyrum at this fun age of around 15 months I was so busy with school, got pregnant with the twins etc. that myself and Brandon didn't take very many pictures of Hyrum. Also at that time we got our first digital camera and I didn't know how to work it very well so I got frustrated and didn't take very many pictures. It doesn't help when you don't have a willing subject who was and still is a very active little boy.

This day we went to feed the duck was perfect. We had such a great time together as a family. Hyrum for the most part was well behaved. This particular trip he would turn around and try to crawl backwards to try to get into the water to get those ducks. He did it many times. Then it was a little frustrating, but now, super cute.

He loved every minute of being outside that day after being cooped up for all winter. Plus, he had not truly been able to try out his walking skills outside since he learned to walk in December of the earlier year.I love the video of his little run. He had such a cute little run and would run everywhere, not walk at all. I am sure the people who lived below us loved listening to him run every day. He had so much energy and kept us on our toes.He loved animals then, he still does now, but I think he is a little bit more careful.

After we went and visited the ducks we went to a local pizza buffet. We had a coupon for the dinner for Brandon and myself and Hyrum ate free then so it was a steal of a deal.This day was a dream. One day that I will always look back with fondness. It was one of our last fun filled days together before I got sick and before the twins came. I am glad that we took the time to enjoy the moment just three of us. Taking time to laugh at all of Hyrum's little quirks and antics and to savor just being together.


Brian, Emily, & Charlie said...

AGHHHHHHH! We miss you guys SOOOOOOOO much. Its really not fair.

Carl and Starla said...

I love looking back at pics of the kiddos when they were younger! What a cute little toddler Hyrum was!

Jeannette said...

Those are cute pictures. He looks different yet you can still tell its him! I should start doing "flashback fridays" I like that.