Sunday, November 09, 2008

All Good Things Must Come to an End!

As many of you know, since we have moved to Memphis, Ben and Emmy have been visited weekly by a developmental therapist. Once a week she would come and work/play with Ben and Emmy with whatever skill we were focusing on.

Since Ben and Emmy had a birthday, they needed to be reevaluated. To our excitement and sadness they both passed their evaluation with flying colors.

Excitement because they have come so far. In the year that we have received the services, Ben and Emily went from being able to only sit for a few seconds to running, jumping, climbing. Their cognition skills are off the charts. They are still a little behind in a few areas. I went into more detail of their results back in September in this post.

We felt sadness with the results because it mean that our dear, beloved Ms. Christy would not be coming to our house every week anymore. We have loved Ms. Christy from the begining. All three kids were so excited when she would come over to "play" with them. They would all squeal with delight when they saw her. She was so thoughtful, kind, considerate and loving to my children and I and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

On her last extra visit, she was so generous and brought each child a fun book and a sweet card.

Emmy's book was an adorable book about pumpkins and their different colors, shapes and numbers. Ben's book was about various vehicles...BIG hit for him. In the picture below, Ben was bugged that he had to stop and get his picture taken. He was too busy playing with toys that he received for his birthday the day before. Hyrum was given the book titled Danny the Dinosaur. Hyrum and I have enjoyed reading the stories about the dinosaur together.Thank you again Ms. Christy for all that you have done for us!

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The G-5 said...

What a small world. Christy is one of the instructors at the ymca in millington. She is an awesome lady. I am glad you guys are doing better.