Tuesday, November 18, 2008

End of Soccer Season!

Hyrum soccer season offically ended at the end of October. Hyrum had a great season! He did such a great job playing soccer! Below are some pictures from his final game. It was really cold that Saturday morning (Oct. 25). As you can tell by the pictures, Hyrum looked like he was homeless with his mismatched outfit. Oh well, at least he was warm.

Waiting for his turn to go back in

Hyrum played goalie again in this game and had a couple of really good saves. Way to go Hyrum!

On November 8th was the soccer party. To start off, we had pizza for lunch and played with friends. A mom of one the kids brought cupcakes from her bakery. A BIG hit! Afterwards, the kids sat down and waited paitently for the coach to call their name. When their name was called, the child was able to go up to the front and the coach would say some comments about the individual player and give them a certificate and a trophy. Then the team would give a big cheer for the player.
Hyrum sat and waited patiently for his turn. Hyrum had a huge smile on his face when his name was called. Coach Brandon commented how Hyrum has improved every game. Also the coach commented on how Hyrum has had some great saves as the goalie.Hyrum was so proud of his trophie and certificate.
Hyrum has LOVED playing soccer! It helps that he has had such a great group of coaches (espescially Miss Emily!) and aweesome friends to play with! GO SHOCKERS!


emily said...

thanks for the shout out....

that was the right emily, right? if not.... i'll take it!

so glad he got to play with us this year.

(are you as tired as i am???? i need a nap ASAP!!)

whitney said...

Has Jeannette seen the picture of Dylan with his finger up his nose?! YOu gotta love 3&4 yr old soccer!!!

Greg and Tammy said...

Ok seriously love that he is drinking a Capri Sun. Those have always been the standard soccer drink, huh? Wow. What a darling little player you have there!

Jeannette said...

ok i am demanding you delete that picture with Dylan digging in his nose!!! j/k but how many times do I have to tell to quit that?

Bonnie said...

So fun! He looks so happy you can tell he loves soccer!

Ashlee said...

How fun! Those pictures took me WAY back! I played soccer k-10 and I loved it. It looks like Hyrum loves it too. I am so glad:)Great memories:)