Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy Halloween!- Part 1

The week of Halloween was BUSY! To start things off, I had the opportunity to help with Hyrum's pre-school party on Thursday. Hyrum's wonderful teacher had planned different rotations for the children to do during the Halloween party. The rotations included Candy Land, Bingo, cookie decorating, and making a cute Halloween witch. Below is a picture of Hyrum and his friend Aleece frosting cookies.Hyrum was a little whiny while I was there. During the group picture at the end he wouldn't turn around and smile. He told me later when I asked him why he was sad was that he just missed his dad.

Later that night, we went to our friends house (Carl and Starla) for an exciting little Halloween party. Below is a picture of all the kids. Back Row Left to Right Tucker, Lexi, Hailey, Kelsie, Boo, Hyrum. Bottom Row Left to Right: Skye (she moved right as I took the picture), Macey, Delanie, Maggie, Emma, Wes, Emmy and BenTo start off, the little kids marched around the cul-de-sac to the tunes of Monster Mash and Adams Family. Ben and Emily got to lead the parade one time around.

After the parade, the kids participated in some fun Halloween activities. Below are picture of the kids waiting for the activities to start. Each family was in charge of an activity for the kids to do. The children got to play a Halloween Bean Bag toss game, make a ghost sucker, play Don't Eat the Monster, play drop the clothes pin in the mason jar and Halloween Bingo. The kids all had a great time. Ben and Emmy stayed close to Brandon and myself for most of the night.

Starla was great at singing songs and doing finger plays with the kids while the refreshments were being put together. Angel made this amazing ice cream treat that looked like a candy corn. It was very yummy. After the yummy treats, the kids got to watch a Halloween movie while the adults visited. It was a great night! Thanks again Starla and Carl!


Greg and Tammy said...

WOW! What fun parties!! I LOVE the candy corn dessert idea. that was so cute!

Brian & Emily said...

CUTEST COSTUMES!!! I can't believe that Ben wore the lion costume that Hyrum wore the week after they were born! AGHHHHH! Does this mean that I am growing up and getting older too? Miss you guys!

Ashlee said...

You were busy but it looks like the kids had so much fun. I love all the fun things you did on Halloween with your friends. So creative. The kids looked darling in their costumes.

lcdiaz said...

Those are such cute pictures!! I love their costumes! What a fun/busy week.