Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving this year, we decided to stay home and celebrate by ourselves.

To start the day off, the kid's watched the Macy's Thankgsiving Day Parade and played with blocks while Brandon and I worked hard to prepare our feast.
Ben and Hyrum made an awesome tower together. Hyrum called it daddy's school since the tower had an eye on it like daddy's school. Of course, after I took Hyrum's picture by the tower, everyone needed a turn. Ben is pretending to talk to his Papa on the phone.

While we were putting the finishing touches on the dinner. The kid's colored little turkeys that we used for name plates. The kids LOVED it. It was a perfect way to distract them for a few more minutes until dinner was ready.
Hyrum wrote everyone's name next to their turkey so we would know where to sit.
Also during the time before dinner was finish, I had Hyrum show me some fo the fun things he made at school for Thanksgiving. Below is a picture of Hyrum modeling the Indian vest that he made at school. When he came home to show me his Indian outfit he was so excited and thought he looked so cool in his little vest. It was so cute!
We of course had turkey, mash potatoes and gravy, yams, homemade potato rolls, and stuffing. For drinks, we had sparkling cider and sprite. The food actually turned out okay, other then the fact that my stuffing was dry.
Ben and Emmy loved the dinner. They had so much food. They really liked the yams and would eat them so quickly.
It was so cute, while we were eating, Hyrum broke out in song about Thankgiving that he learned at school. It was so cute, we had to record him saying it.

While Brandon and I cleaned up after dinnner, Hyrum and Ben had a great time playing football together. They would throw the ball from one side of the house to the other having a blast and laughing the whole time. Sorry the pictures are blurry, they were montion shots!

After dinner, we went over to our friends the Moore's house to have some pie and ice cream. We took over a crummy pumpkin pie that didn't turn out so hot(Sorry Morres, but thanks again for a fun night) to share with everyone.

It was a great Thanksgiving and we really enjoyed spending time together as a family.


mamasteph said...

We had lots of fun having you over---and the pie wasn't crummy! Fantastic family photos of you guys!

emily said...

hyrum cracks me up. he's such a cute little guy.