Sunday, November 09, 2008

Busy and Scary Week!

This past week has been super busy and scary for our little family.

Ben and Emmy each had a trip to the ER room last week.

Last week on Tuesday, Emmy fell from the stroller trying to grab my keys and ended up hitting her head on the tile in a store. She cried until we got out of the car and then it was if a deep sleep came upon her. I couldn't wake her up for a good half hour. I was calling her name and Ben was screaming. I was shaking her and playing with her eyes and she wouldn't even flinch.

I ended up going to my friend Tami's house ( the same place where Hyrum goes to preschool) to drop off Ben so I could take Emmy to the hospital. We ended up calling an ambulance for Emmy since she still hadn't waken and I had no idea how to get to the hospital. Looking back now, I realized that I did now how to get to hospital, but I was in shock and couldn't remember how.

Emmy woke up right before the ambluance got there. They still decided to take her in and get her checked out.

On the ride to the hospital I felt a little silly and wondered if I did call prematurely, but the EMT told me that any time a child is no responsive like that to call to avoid wasting time.

When we got to the hospital, they did a CT scan and it came back normal. They think that she had a concussion and that is why I couldn't wake her. Other then walking a little crooked the day of her accident she has shown no side effects and is doing excellent.

I was so grateful for my friends who stepped into gear to help me. The ambulance pulled into Tami's house right as preschool was getting out, so a bunch of my friends were there to see us drive off. One lady watched Hyrum, another watched Ben and was trying to get a hold of Brandon for me at school, another lady called her husband to meet us at the hospital to help Brandon give Emmy a blessing, two ladies brought us dinner that night. Thank you all again so much for EVERYTHING!

On Friday, I was at the church exercising with a friend (usually it is a large group) and when we were cleaning up Ben got his fingers slammed in the door. A heavy door. I saw Ben and Emmy shutting the door from a distance, but couldn't get there in time. He got hurt pretty bad. There was blood everywhere.

This time I drove myself to the ER. As I was dropping the kids off at a friend's house before I took Ben to the hospital I could hear Hyrum's sweet little voice singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to try and comfort his little brother who was very sad.

Two fingers were injured, but the middle finger took on most of the injury. Both the nurse and doctor commented on how bad the injury was.

They did x-rays on his little hand to make sure nothing was broken. They had to tape his hand to the table to get some decent x-rays. He did not like that idea.

Nothing was broken, but he ended up needing five stitches in one finger. They were going to sedate him, but he had eaten recently.They gave him two nerve blocks to help with the pain. They had to pin and tie him down to do the procedure. It broke my heart to see him like that. I tried to comfort him and sing him songs, he did calm down a little, but he cried for daddy (Brandon made it right after the procedure).

The doctor said that he did really well during the procedure and that although he was screaming, he wasn't pulling his arm away from her.The doctor decided to let the other finger heal on its own. The doctor also ended up drilling a whole in his finger nails to release the blood in the nails(I was told that relieves the pressure and pain from the wounds).
Just as a funny side note, we had the same nurse and a few of the same hospital staff who helped us with Emmy. It was kind of funny.

I am once again very thankful for friends who watched my kids, made calls to Brandon, etc. during our second visit to the ER in three days.

When we got home, he just wanted daddy to hold him. It was so cute, Emmy was fussing over him like a mother hen. She got him his special blanket and a car. She gave him loves. You could tell that she was worried about him and that she loves her "Ben Boo" very much.Changing his bandages are very rough for every one involved. Ben cries the whole time and tells Brandon all done, Hyrum's trying to see what is going on and looking over Brandon's shoulder, Emmy's worried about her "Ben Boo" and wants to see what is going on too. I am a nervous wreck and Brandon is broken hearted because Ben is crying because of what he is doing.
He seems to be doing okay now if we keep up on his pain medicine. He is also learning how to do things with his left hand since his right is still completely bandaged. He has kept a little sense of humor through all this, he was putting his bandaged hand in Hyrum's face saying ROAR! I guess Halloween hasn't worn off yet.

Also, he knows how to work the system. On the day of his accident, he went to the pantry and picked out a muffins to eat, of course dad gave in a made them for him. There is nothing quite like getting a treat when you have had a bad day.
Also, I was telling Brandon that Ben and Emmy have done everything together. Being born, birthdays, "firsts." All their developmental milestones they have hit with in a day or two of each other. It seems only fitting that their first Emergency Room visits should be within a couple of days too.


steph and brent said...

You are such a strong person, Natalie. I'm glad last week is over. I hope your children are doing better. They sound like such best friends for each other.

mamasteph said...

I'm so glad your kids are okay! I know it was a rough week for you! I'm here anytime to help!

lcdiaz said...

Holy Cow! What a hard week!! I'm so sorry to hear all that went on. I'm glad that your kids are doing better. You can't tell in the pictures that they were hurt...they are just a smiling away :) Thats good. How are you doing?? I hope all is well. Love you guys!!

The P*dunc's said...

wow! What a scary time! I am glad to hear that your kids are okay now. It is so nice to have great friends around to help when family is so far away!

Jill Revell said...

Holy Cow! That would have been so scary! I'm so glad that everything is better now.

Brianne said...

Natalie, I'm so sorry you had to go through that this week! I hope everyone is doing better!

Ashlee said...

I am crying as I read this! I feel for you-That is so scary and I think that I would've passed out like Emmy if I were to go through that. Way to stay strong! I am a twin and I know the bond that they have between them.

Camille said...

Oh Natalie, that is so scary. Concussions in babies are terrifying. I'm SO glad your babies are okay. What a challenging week!

whitney said...

Those poor kids!! And now the couch?!! I guess it should all stop now because bad things happen in 3's right!!

Liz said...

I'm so sorry! What a crazy week for you. I'm glad that everyone is all right! Accidents like that can be so scary.

Mandy said...

Bless their little hearts and your's too! What a stressful week. You handle things so well though.
I was just telling a friend of mine that I need to get up before the kids and get dressed because the day that I need to run to the ER, I will need to be dressed. It's just a matter of time with wild little Zac. LOL.

Jackie said...

Oh, my gracious! I cried... oh those poor babies. I'm glad they are both doing better though. What a rough week for all of you!

John and Laura said...

Ouch and ouch!! Kids and pain are a stressful combination. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Not to mention your kids going through that... but at least they won't remember it. You will!! I loved hearing how sweet they were to each other. So wonderful. Hugs!

Ace the Goat said...

Thank goodness that your babies are okay! It is a good thing they have a mom and dad, a big brother, and each other to make everything better!