Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Times!

Hyrum had a jam packed birthday! He had such a great day! He has been looking forward to his birthday for SO long! Every day, he would ask me if it was his birthday yet.

To start off, Brandon woke up extra early to have time to make Hyrum Mickey Mouse pancakes before he went to school. What a thoughtful dad!
Hyrum was so excited to see them. He didn't want me to cut the pancake up or put syrup on his special pancake. I think he wanted the Mickey shape to last as long as possible. After breakfast, we met up with some friends and rode the carousel and played at the play place at the mall. We also saw Santa at the mall and even got a treat from him. Next, we went to McDonalds for lunch and met up with even some more good friends! Hyrum was a little embarrassed when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him, but you could tell that he loved it! Below is a picture of him when everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him again at a friend's house.After lunch, we went to one of our friends house for the kids to watch a movie and play together. Hyrum loved every minute. He love playing with his friends and really can not get enough.

That night, we went to Chuck E Cheese since that is where Hyrum said that he wanted to go for his birthday. As usual, he went from one thing to another eager to spend his money.
For his birthday, we made him a pumpkin pie. He has been asking for pie a lot recently so why not make him one for his birthday. We couldn't find any birthday candles so thank goodness I had some other candles that we could use. He had been looking forward to blowing out the candles and had been talking about doing so for days. Below is a picture of Hyrum waiting patiently to blow out the candle and have some pie.He had a his Aunt Lorri and family as well as my parents call to wish Hyrum a happy birthday while we were getting ready to blow out the candle. Afterwards, we opened up presents. My parents gave Hyrum him a cape, shirts, books and the kitchen (that is yet to be posted about). They also gave him a birthday card with a gift card to get chicken nuggets. He loved how the envelope had stickers of his favorite cars on it. He loved the part in the card about Millie and him playing soccer when he sees her again. Brandon's parents gave him a remote control McQueen car. A BIG hit!

His Great-Grandparents on my dad's side gave him money and a car that he loved.

Aunt Lorri and family gave him a wooden train to paint and play with. He was in heaven. Ben gave Hyrum an ABC book with a magic pen for Hyrum to practice his letters, which Hyrum is really excited to use.
It was so cute! Ben sat down next to Hyrum and wanted his picture taken. He loves his Hyra!
Emmy gave Hyrum a cool Hullabaloo game I got at a yard sale for two bucks! Lots of fun! The game gives instructions(move to a square, move to a musical instruments. Hyrum enjoys the game already.His present he got from Brandon and myself was a tool bench and a whole bunch of big tools. He loved exploring each tool and figuiring out how each tool worked and manuvered. It was cute to see Brandon sit down and show him how to use each tool. He had a smile on his face the whole day and it is easy to see why, he had a great birthday! A very fun and eventful birthday for a very special and loved little boy.


Jackie said...

What a BIG day! He is so darling. I love all of his expressions-- he cracks me up.

mamasteph said...

Looks like he had an amazing birthday!

emily said...

love that picture of him and boo! glad he had such a great birthday. he is such a sweet little guy! by the way- i can't get over his hair today at preschool. that's classic! you're a good mom to let him proudly wear his fancy hair!

Ace the Goat said...

I love that picture of him on the phone. So cute!!

Greg & Angel Johnson said...

What a fun day! He is a sweetie...and my future son-in-law, I hear? I really am not so sure about Macey being all over him in the one picture...hmmm....