Monday, November 24, 2008

Primary Program

Back at the end of October was the primary program for our ward. It was Hyrum's first primary program. He had the first line in the program after the Primary President gave the opening statement. His line was, "My name is Hyrum, and I am a child of God." He did such a great job! He spoke loud and clearly. He had a huge smile on his face after he said his part.

After most of the sunbeams said their part, the whole little sunbeam class sang I am a Child of God acappella . Hyrum was all excited to sing and he did. He was louder then the other kids and go embarrassed. After sitting on his teachers' lap for a few minutes, he sat back on his chair and continued to participate.

They had a few songs about missionaries which were Hyrum's favorite. The primary children each brought a jacket/blazer to put on for the few songs. The primary presidency even made missionary looking tags for each child to wear. Hyrum was so excited and so proud to be a missionary and to sing with the missionaries.

During the rest of the program he was the kid pulling silly faces at the audience and playing around. Brandon and I were giving him the stern look, but nothing seemed to work. Also, what took the cake was at the end of the program they had a girl sing a beautiful solo. During the solo, Hyrum had his fingers stuck in his ears and displaying a very disgusted look. Everyone got a good kick out of it.

This is a big step up from the first time he sang with the primary in sacrament meeting. He went up to sing, but didn't sing and just stood their with a pouty expression. The chorister said that if looks could kill, the whole congregation would be dead.

We love him!


Jill Revell said...

Is that crazy you have a child old enough to be in the Primary program. CRAZY.

Jill said...

I can't believe that he's old enough to be in a Primary Program! The last time I saw him he was what, just barely 1?

You guys really need to move out here!

steph and brent said...

Primary Program Sundays are my favorite Sundays out of the year. How sweet to see your little ones participate.

The Leithead Family said...

Hilarious. Beverly was also the ONLY pesky Sunbeam. She was the only girl most of the year (another girl moved in a month ago) and those boys are usually quite unruly in Primary. Beverly spent all of the Program playing with her new sparkly shoes (on her hands), laying on the bench, and generally wiggling. She did a nice job delivering her line, though. And, no, she didn't have her shoes on her hands at the time. (Thank goodness for good friends who were wrangling the Sunbeams...)