Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cute Twin Tidbits!

Ben and Emily are at such a fun age. It is very interesting and amusing to see them interact together and watch what their little minds will cook up together.

Today, while the therapist was here, they dumped the cars out of the buckets and wore them as hats. Ben discovered that the bucket would make a perfect silly hat and Emmy decided that she needed to join him. They ran around in the room with their buckets on their heads laughing and giggling for a good five minutes.

After walking around with their crazy hats, I think it was Emmy who decided that the bucket was a great thing to stand on to practice balancing. Ben then decided that he must try out and work on his balancing skills. They were so proud of themselves when they could balance for awhile. After they stood on the bucket for a few minutes, they would jump off and laugh and laugh and the game would begin again. They are so silly.

These too birds would rather talk to each other then take naps. They still need naps and do eventually take one, but it isn't until they have laughed and giggled and "talked" to each other in their own little language from their cribs.

The other day, while I was doing Emmy's hair, she and Ben were carrying on a conversation in their own little language for awhile. At the end of the conversation they came to an agreement and Ben went into the master closet and shut the door. It makes you wonder what they came into agreement to. I didn't let Ben stay in the closet by himself to find out.

They really not big T.V. fans. They like Baby Einstein, Baby Signing Time and some weird Fisher Price video we got for free. They would rather play with each other. Below is a rare picture of them watching T.V. together. Earlier this week, we were getting in the car to take Hyrum to school and Emmy fell down and hurt her knee( I don't know if I have mentioned it on the blogs, but most cement here has pebbles and small rocks in it. I think it must be for the look, but it is brutal to land on). After I cleaned her wound, I put some neosporin and band aid on it. To finish, I gave her owie a kiss and gave her a love. Ben watched me do this and came up to her and gave her a big kiss on her owie.

They do worry about each other and love to give each other hugs and kisses. The first thing they do when they wake-up from sleeping is look for the other one; especially Emmy.

Just an update about their development. They were recently tested again since their birthday is coming up and they are doing great. They both are still a little behind in communication, but sometimes I wonder if that is because they have their own lingo and Hyrum understands them much better then I do and helps them communicate. Ben is a little behind in his adaptive skills which are daily living skills like feeding themselves etc. The therapist said that could be due to the fact that he is a boy and doesn't consider those things to be important. Also, Ben is a little behind in his fine motor skills. The therapist mentioned that he scored a little lower is because he doesn't or want to color as much as Emmy and hasn't worked on those skills. Lets face it, he would rather be playing with balls or cars. In every other way, they are up to date. Also, their cognitive skills are very advanced, especially Ben's. When the babies were born the doctors said to give them two years to catch-up and they have. We feel very blessed to have them make so much progress.

I feel very blessed to be a mother of these to sweet babies. Their is something unique and special about every baby, but there is something very special about twins. I love these two very much and couldn't think of my life without them.


Jill said...

So cute. You make me want to have twins!

Kyle & Jill Revell said...

Isn't it so crazy how they have their how lingo. My mother-in-law said my husband and his twin had their own language. Too cute!

Andrea said...

So how does your photoshop stuff work for scrapbooking? Matt has it if they're all the same kind.

mamasteph said...

They are so sweet! I think it's awesome that they have their own little language! What a great connection!

meg said...

that's fascinating. really, what could be sweeter than those two talking in their own language? and that their cute big brother understands them? you're a good mom. glad to hear they're doing so well.

Rebecca said...

Isn't it wonderful watching them grow up together? And they seem to grow closer as the years go by. I can't pry C and H apart... I'm so grateful to have this opportunity in my life, too. Wouldn't trade it for anything, even through the hard times! :)