Sunday, November 30, 2008

Leaf Hunt!

I know, it is almost December and here I am posting about things in the fall. This day I am going to post about was so perfect and so much fun, I didn't have the heart not to post about it.

Here in Tennessee, the leaves this year do not start to change their colors until the end of October, early November. It was earlier this month that I took the kids on leaf hunt after they woke up from their nap. Brandon had a late day at school and I thought that it would be nice to get out of the house.
We had a fabulous time on our leaft hunt. Ben, Hyrum, and Emily LOVED walking down the road looking for leaves. We started our hunt in front of our own house and continued down the road.
Since they were all loose (no stroller) I made them hold hands as we went on our adventure. It was so cute to see them walk down the sidewalk together. They were so excited when they saw any leaves on the ground and would run quickly to go and pick them up. I would let them pick up only one leaf if the leaves were on someone's yard and when the leaves were not in anyone's yard, I let them pick up as many as they wanted to. They were in heaven! They loved every minute. It was so cute.
Ben would pick up a leaf and get so excited and say leaf, leaf over and over again. He was pretty much finished with the hunt after a few leaves.
Emmy's favorite part about the acitvity was wearing her bag like a purse. It was so funny. She did also get a pretty big kick about putting the leaves inside her "purse."
Hyrum loved being on a mission to find leaves and took his job very serioiusly. He wanted to go anywhere and everywhere to find the leaves.
To end the perfect afternoon, we went to McDonalds for dinner.
Those days are the days that make me so grateful that I get to stay home with my kids and be their mom.


lcdiaz said...

What a fun idea!! Your kids are so cute! I love that Emmy used her bag as a "purse" LOL! What fun times. You are such a great mom!!

Bonnie said...

How fun! That is such a cute idea! It also looks like you had a fun thanksgiving, you are sure creative at coming up with fun things to occupy little kids. I loved the turkey name tags. And I love your bows and bracelets, so cute, you are so crafty!

emily said...

you're a great little mom nat- i think i just was too tired to deal with leaves this year... now they're all wet and nasty... and in need of a raking! or not.