Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Utah Post

I know have done tons of posts about our trip to Utah. However, I wanted to make sure I covered all the exciting times that we had on our trip. This is the last Utah post until our next trip to the Beehive state.

Some of the highlights were:

Being completely SPOILED by grandma and papa. Each child got many special treats just for them. They loved the CAR and Princess crackers they received.The kids loved the special donuts run that grandma did for them.
Ben fell in love with our neighbor's car and was fascinated and wanted to help Jordan work on it.
The kids loved eating dinner at night since so many of their favorite people were at the table. Ben loved sitting on Papa's lap. Emmy and Hyrum just loved being there with everyone.
Hunting (pretend) for ducks on the deck in the morning on the canal with the awesome "Blanding Gun" was always fun.Speaking of the deck, what a fun place to play. The kids had a great time running around out there chasing each other. Another fun thing the kids did was playing with the fun toys at grandma and papa's house. I think it felt like Christmas with all the "new" to them toys. Below is a picture of them making a castle for a princess.The kids loved each having their own place to sit. Thank goodness grandma remembered where she got the chairs from since one of them broke while we were there. Good thing grandma is keeping the chairs safe so they will be ready the next time we come and visit. If you ask Hyrum, he will tell you we were going to Utah in December for Christmas.The kids loved all the many people to read them books. They are still content to sit and be read to for long periods of time. I am grateful for my family for taking the time to read to them.Another thing the kids loved were the many nap buddies they had. They loved it when they had someone to take a nap with them. I think grandma especially likes that special time to cuddle up and snuggle and read a couple of books before having a nice little nap.I loved being able to visit a little bit with some of my close friends from high school. I have seriously missed those girls and the good times we have had. I wished that I would have stayed in better contact with all of them. They truly are amazing people that I miss so much. They have always made me feel good in my skin and I felt like I could be myself around them. Below is a picture with four of us ten girls. From LtoR Megan, Lindsey (Emme), Me (Emily), Jen (Zack).The kids loved looking for bugs in Utah; especially Emmy.One of my favorite parts of the trip was being able to see a whole bunch of family members on my dad's side. We had a couple of family events where we were able to see everyone.Below are pictures with Grandma and Grandpa Great. Growing up, we used to go over to my grandparents' house every Sunday for dessert, games and socializing. Oh how I have missed that being out here in Memphis without them! I know my kids had a great time every time we went. What is there not to like about yummy treats and having a friend to play with?The boys really loved playing with my cousin Calvin. He is about 18 months older than (notice this word Camille) Hyrum.

I took pictures of both Hyrum and Emmy on our trip one Sunday and didn't want Ben to be left out. He fell asleep in the chair shortly before we went to Church. I think all the playing he did really wore him out.
We had such a great time on our trip. I was excited to go home and spend time with family. The only thing that would have made the trip better would have been if Brandon was there. I have really missed my family lately. Hopefully it won't be too long before we are able to go home again.

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