Sunday, August 30, 2009

Potty Training Update

We have officially been trying to potty train Ben and Emily for a little over a week. So far, they have been doing pretty good. To be honest, sometimes it seems like things aren't going quite so well, but then I remember that we are potty training two kids at once instead of one. Also, most of the accidents have been when I have forgotten to take them to go potty or during the nighttime. We are some of those insane people who do both night and day potty training at once.

The first day we set out underwear, Ben went and put his underwear back and brought me a diaper instead. We even went to the store to pick out special "undies" and he still wanted to wear a diaper. I knew that potty training would be a little harder for him. He has hated (from the beginning) getting his diaper changed. It took a little pep talk from daddy about going in the toilet and wearing big boy underwear to help Ben's mindset. Also, the fact that Emmy got a "nummy" and he didn't was enough motivation to try. He is doing pretty good and has even gone almost a full forty-eight hours without an accident.

Emmy has also done a great job going potty. Ben will sit forever before he goes while Emmy does her business quick and is on to finding other things to get into in our house. She loves being like the big girls. She has told me time and time again that she is like Lexi (who she loves)because she is going potty in the toilet and wearing big girl underwear. She loves to wear her Dora and "Missie Mouse" underwear. She does not want to have anything to do with diapers and will break down in tears if someone even mentions putting her in one. She too has also gone a decent stretch of about forty-eight hours without an accident. Below is a picture of her after a long day of not having a nap. Picture taken with Brandon's phone.All in all, I think they are doing pretty good. Hyrum is still their biggest fan and cheers them on each time they go. Brandon figured out that having them out of diapers alone will save us about $1,000 a year (not including wipes)! That fact alone is encouragement to keep going and also because it will be the first time in five years we don't have a child in diapers.


mamasteph said...

Yeah Emmy and Ben! That's a lot of money saved!

Gurr Family said...

I think that you need to tell me what to do. I have been trying for along time to do Carson and I need help.