Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

On August 1st we went to a Redbirds baseball game. While I was in Utah, Brandon went to the Scout fundraiser for our ward and won some baseball tickets. The seats were great! We were about five rows up from the visiting teams dugout and between home plate and the dugout.
The kids were so excited to go to the game and had been looking forward to going for days. Hyrum would yell "Go Redbirds" and still does. Of course, since Ben has to do everything Hyrum does, Ben repeats the cheer anytime Hyrum cheers for the Redbirds. Ben was excited about eating a hot dog. He walked around the house on the day of the game and the whole time we drove to the game talking about the hot dog he would have.

The kids loved watching baseball in Utah and in Tennessee there was no difference. It was a great close game, with the Redbirds winning at the end. The kids did a good job for the first hour and a half of the game. Towards the end of the game they struggled. Emmy spent a lot of time watching from a distance the mascot. I think she liked watching the mascot be silly, but didn't want it to come too close. The boys loved all the noise, sights and sounds and couldn't get enough and sat there for a long time watching the game. I think Ben has found his true love in life. Plus, I am told that it isn't bad to be a lefty when playing baseball.

The kids loved the "ball park" food. The package of tickets came with some coupons for food at the ball park. Ben got his hot dog and was in heaven. The kids also enjoyed the nachos and cotton candy.
It was such a fun night. I love it when we get to do things like that as a family!


The Larson Family said...

How fun! You look very cute in those pics Natalie.

Carl and Starla said...

I love the Redbirds games! What a fun family outing.

mamasteph said...

Looks awesome! Family outings are the best! Love the picture of you with the kids! You look fantastic!

Greg and Tammy said...

How fun!! Looks like you guys had a great time. Your kids are getting so big!! What cute little faces. Love the one of you and Emmy. Beautiful girls!