Sunday, August 30, 2009

Funny Hyrum

Hyrum has been saying the funniest things lately.

Today on the way to church he noticed that there were some cars parked in the Walmart parking lot. Hyrum then went on to say (somewhere along the lines), "People are over there shopping. They must have thought it was Sunday (I think he meant Monday, which I am surprised he messed up because thanks to Ms. Tami, he has known his days of the week for almost a year now). "They'll go to church when they are done."

Tonight as he was going to bed he said, "Mom, I am going to sleep like a 7." Meaning that his body was in the shape of a seven.

Also, tonight as we were reading scriptures (we read the Children Readers). At the begining of the New Testament reader, it gives a nice summary about the Plan of Happiness. One of the pictures shows the Savior exiting the tomb. When we finished reading the section Hyrum said, "Why is he sneaking out?" Brandon then told Hyrum that he wasn't sneaking out that he was resurrected (which Hyrum knows what ressurection means). Hyrum then went on to say, "No, he is sneaking out." Brandon decided that it was pointless to continue the conversation with him.

I love hearing how is mind works. He loves to ask questions! Every day he asks me so many. For example, we had lots of vegtables and fruits for dinner one night and Hyrum wanted to know where the vegetables and fruits came from. He wanted to know if the fruits and vegtables came from a vine, a tree or in the ground etc. I told him that we should call his Papa since he knows lots about plants. He always asks more then "what is that?" He loves to ask the who, where and why too.

One thing that Hyrum has inherited from his father is his strong sense of smell. He can smell anything anywhere and most of the time asking me what a certain smell is before I can even smell it.

I love how curious he is and hope that I can encourage his curiousity (to an extent) to explore the world around him.

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