Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lake Powell '09

The one thing Hyrum said he wanted to do when he heard we were going to Utah was to go to Lake Powell. He had such a great time last year, that he wanted to go again.

My parents were kind enough to use one of their time shares for their house boat and take us down to the lake. The picture below is of the kids "helping" Papa pack for the trip to Lake Powell. The kids had a great time. I think the water was a little cold, so they didn't want to play in the water that much. They loved riding in Papa's green boat.
Hyrum really loved the bumpy rides on the tube. He even still tells people how he went to Lake Powell and how he loves bumpy rides. He was very eager to go on more tube runs and ride the tube until he fell in the water. After that, he was always worried that he would sink if he fell in the water. We tried to reassure him that his life jacket would save him, but he wasn't buying it.

Emmy was really excited to go on the tube. However, on her very first run a bump took Millie by surprised and both she and Emmy fell off the tube. Emmy called herself silly, but there was no way we could talk her into getting back on that tube.

Ben had a great time on the tube. He loved having a good ride. Both he and Hyrum were able to ride with "Dordan."The picture below is of Emmy waving to "the boys" while they are riding the tube with Jordan. She decided she would rather ride in the boat then on the tube. Ben even got to ride on the tube with his beloved Papa right before we left. However, Ben was so exhausted from playing so hard that he fell asleep during his long awaited Papa ride.Also, on the last day that we were there the kids finally got to ride on the "gets skis" with Papa. Hyrum was worried that they were going to sink (can you tell falling in the water was traumatic) so the ride didn't last that long. Ben had a good time with Papa. Emily fell asleep waiting for her turn so she missed out (I think she would have been really nervous during the ride).During the trip Emmy loved the Sunscreen stick. If ever you were looking for the sunscreen, you should check to see if she has it. I think she loved the fact that the sunscreen looked like lipstick. She was constantly putting the sunscreen on herself and everyone else.The kids loved the Dora and Diego glasses they got. They looked pretty cute wearing them too.The boys loved using the swim noodles to fish for SHARKS!!Sean invited some friends as well as the family we went with invited some friends so the kids had lots of fun following the older kids around. I was shocked when I came in the boat to find that Emmy was letting a boy comb her hair and was sitting on his lap. This is so not her. She is super shy. I guess she thought Jeremy was cute.I was a little bummed. I only got up skiing once and not for very long. It was very frustrating. My sister on the other hand rocked it with her wakeboarding. Camille and I also had another great time riding the tube. Like usual, she had me laughing so hard I could hardly keep my focus on hanging on to the tube. The kids had a designated perch on Papa's boat when it wasn't moving. I didn't get a picture of Emmy, but she would hop on the step too. They looked so cute standing there. The twins and I didn't stay the whole time. They were tired and I was tired, plus there was a kid who got hurt and need to be taken home. Hyrum however got to stay with Papa and Grandma one more day and was in heaven. I seriously think that was the highlight of the trip to Utah for him. He thought he was so cool. He loved hunting for lizards, roasting marshmellows, hanging out with the "big"kids, riding in the boat and being with his favorite people, grandma and papa. He had the time of his life and still talks about how he "really loves doing that" (when talking about going to Lake Powell). The twins were so excited to see everyone when they came home the next day. It was so cute to see how much they missed and loved everyone. We had a great time at Lake Powell. Thanks again mom and dad for such a fun trip.

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Steph said...

Oh my gosh, you guys have so much fun! Those pictures are great! I totally want to go to lake powell! :)

Ashlee said...

That looks like a blast! We went to Lake Powell when i was prego with Ben and looking at your pictures makes me want to go back. Your kids are adorable!

Megan and Jeff said...

What a great trip you guys had! Looks like a lot of fun. You can definitely tell from the pics that your kids were loving every minute!

Mandy said...

This really looks like a blast! I love Ben's freckles and Emmy looks more and more like you- such a cute smile! Hyrum is so cute too and looked like he did have a great time too! I love all the pictures and memories for you guys. I love that you and your family are so close, esp your closeness with Camille. She is such a good Aunt that just loves those kids, huh?! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Gurr Family said...

Looks like you had a great time while you visited your family. To bad we weren't able to see you while you were there.

Jill said...

That looked like such a fun trip!

My girls have the same life jacket that Emmy was wearing. Always with the pink!

Pitcherpost said...

what a fun trip! I've never been to lake powell and am dying to go! glad you guys had a good time!