Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow in Utah!

While we were in Utah the kids had a chance to play in some snow. However, we came ill equipped for the extremely cold weather. I forgot to pack hats, boots and mittens. We had to borrow some from neighbors who if you can tell by looking at Hyrum have a few girls. He didn't care, he just wanted to play.We didn't make it to my grandma's house to go sledding. She has an amazing hill for sledding by her house. Instead, we opted for the small hill on the side of my parents house.

Hyrum was in heaven. He loves snow. He will tell you that after it snows, that is when Santa will come. I don't know where he got that, but that is what he tells us when he sees snow. He loved walking around in the snow and also eating it. He didn't want to come inside.
He enjoyed sledding with Jordan. They got to be good buds while we were visiting.The twins enjoyed being outside, but didn't want to try riding the slide down the hill. They didn't last very long since it was so cold outside.
Brandon thought that he would hop on try the hill out himself.
Brandon and Jordan also tried to give Millie insanely huge pushes to see how far they can get her down the hill. She caught air a few times.It was fun to get out and play with the snow with my kids. It reminds me of when I was a little kid.


mamasteph said...

What fun! The girls love the snow also, and for some reason, say the same thing about Santa and snow! How funny!

April said...

Snow Angels! Mazie played in the snow for the first time yesterday too. Snow in NC?! Yes, like 5 inches. Have fun in UT

Mandy said...

Oh I wish it would snow deep here! Looks like fun!

lcdiaz said...

I LOVED looking at ALL of your christmas pics! They are so cute! It was so much fun seeing you guys over the holidays for a little bit! Your kids are getting so big and they are so stinkin cute! I wish we could have gone sledding at Grandma's together....remember when we did that as kids? It was the best! I'm glad that you guys had a great vacation and that we got to spend time with you too> :)

Steph said...

Cute pictures!! I love the ones you put up on your blog header too. I used to love sledding with my dad in the winter :) of course we always had to drive up to Boreal because the Sacramento Valley isn't really known for lots of snowfall ;)