Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Flashback

For today's Flashback Friday. I decide to post a video from Janruary 2005. Hyrum was two months old and one of the cutest babies. So chunky and for most of the time a happy content baby.
He was a very alert baby. At two months he loved being on his turtle. It was a playmat that had toys hanging over. He loved that turtle and would try and grab the toys and once he did, he would hang on to them for dear life!
He started sleep through the night (8 hour stretch) a couple of weeks before this video was taken (at six weeks old). We were very blessed to get that much sleep for having such a young baby. Enjoy the video!


Ashlee said...

Wow! I Remember him at that age! He was a completely adorable baby! You know how to make them:)

Jeannette said...

wow he is cute, and has major chubby cheeks going on. But now that you told me he was sleeping an 8 hour stretch at 6 weeks... I don't know if we can be friends anymore!!!! I'm too jealous that my kids didn't do that until closer to a year :(

gardeniagirl said...

OH Hyrum! That's the chunky baby that I know and love!