Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas in Utah

The day after Christmas we flew from Texas to Utah. The kids did awesome on this flight. The only disturbance we had was when we had to put the little tray up for landing; Emmy wanted to keep hers down.

When we landed in Utah my whole family was there to greet us. It was a great reunion. We were all so happy to see each other. It was reunion that everyone had been waiting a long time for.

My sister and brother had a talk with Santa before we came and asked him to see if he could come visit them when we go there. Santa agreed and as a result the 26th was Christmas Eve all over again.

The kids loved seeing Grandma and Papa's tree all decorated. The kids loved the train; especially Ben!The kids each got to open up one present and of course their presents were new pajamas. The kids loved them.Camille and I got matching pajamas, but I forgot to take a picture of us in them. We loved them they were warm and fuzzy.

After the kids got on their pajamas, they helped Camille bake cookies for Santa.
That morning we all woke up around 7:30 the next morning. We all went in my parents room and had family prayer that we always do every Christmas morning before we go out to open presents. Then we lined up youngest to oldest then went to see if Santa came with the youngest going into the room first.

Santa did come.

Emmy got a little baby doll that she was so excited for. She is really big into being a little mommy right now. As you can tell, she went straight to work making sure that baby was taken care of. Emmy got some more nummies that she was anxious to get in to.Emmy soon realized that Santa didn't eat all of his cookies. She took care of the rest of the cookies for him.Hyrum still loves cars. Santa brought him a Mack Truck that transports cars. He was in heaven! Ben got a really neat construction site. After Ben had a little help from Brandon and Papa figuring out how to work it, he thought it was pretty cool. The construction site has a lot of problem solving which is something that Ben loves to do. Deep inside I think he wanted the Mack Truck. The whole morning he kept trying to get his hands on Hyrum's Mack truck.

Ben also found some yummy treats in his stocking too.Emmy loved her bows that Aunt Millie gave her. She also loved the fish Millie gave her. Emily is big into the show Nemo right now.
the picture below is of Emmy telling Millie thank you for her present.
Ben got some horses from his Uncle Sean that he has enjoyed.
Ben also got a train book that we have been checking out every time we go to the library. Of course, he had to take a break from all the excitement and have Papa read it to him.Emmy got a fun texture animal book to that she likes.
Emmy also got some band-aids. She loves band-aids and treats them like jewelry. She always wants at least two band-aids. One for each arm. I love this picture of her with her band-aid.
Santa also brought Hyrum some dinosaurs in Utah too. Can't you just hear him saying ROAR!! I love his excitment that he had for getting a dinosaur. Ben got some dinosaurs too!Hyrum also got a fun Little Einstien Number/ Puzzle game that he loved. Everyone took numerous turns playing with him.
Sean got the Ticket to Ride game that he had been wanting. We totally put that game to good use while we there.
Camille got some corner boots as Sean referred to them. She also got some awesome nail polish that her dear handsome Hyrum picked out.

We got some great presents! The kids were offically spoiled!

Brandon got some clothes to wear for clinic. I got some clothes, books and some jewelry.
Thank you again Utah Santa for a great Christmas!


mamasteph said...

2 Christmas's! How fun! Great pictures and cute jammies!

Julie said...

What a fun Christmas you had. Your kids are so cute. Thanks for sharing your Dad with us that morning. It meant a lot to have his support that day.

Liz said...

Looks like you guys had really fun holidays! Lots of traveling and lots of family. :) I love the idea of asking Santa to come a day or 2 later to Utah when you guys were there!

Greg & Angel Johnson said...

looks like you had tons-o-fun! your jammies DO look warm and snuggly!