Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Going Camping

One of the presents the kids got for Christmas were sleeping bags. The boys got Lighting McQueen sleeping bags and Emmy received a princess sleeping bags.

It was so cute, after we had Christmas morning in Utah, they each put on their sleeping bags like a backpack and Hyrum told us that they were going camping. Off they marched to one part of the house and laid out their sleeping bags and pretended to go to sleep. The picture below is of Emmy pointing to Ben's sleeping bag and telling him to come and lay by her. After awhile, they would pick them up and march some where else to pretend to be camping.
They played this pretend play game a few times while we were in Utah. The sleeping bags have also been a big hit since we have been home. I think Hyrum has slept in his sleeping bag more then he has slept in his bed since we have been home.

I love it when they all play nicely together.


Heather said...

so cute!

Greg & Angel Johnson said...

aaah - these are ADORABLE!