Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fighting Sharks!

Another fun present the boys got for Christmas were swords from their Aunt Millie. The boys have loved them!Christmas day in Utah (aka the 27th) after they went camping, they decided that it was time to go hunting for sharks!

Ever since Hyrum was about 18 months he has loved the movie Nemo and since then our family have been shark lovers.

Camille's boyfriend Jordan came over and joined in on the excitment. All four of them (Jordan, Camille, Hyrum and Ben) would sit on the couch and wait for the sharks to appear. Camille and Jordan would tell the boys where the sharks were and off the boys would run with their swords to attack the sharks. Below is Ben attacking a shark by the Christmas tree. Hyrum decided to use his McQueen telescope to help him find the sharks. Ben decided that his tic-tac box would work well as a telescope.It was so funny to watch them, they got really into it and were enjoying every minute. I love their creativity!

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