Sunday, January 04, 2009

Preschool Christmas Program

On December 18th was Hyrum's preschool Christmas program. When we arrived, all the kids were sitting so patiently waiting for their parents to come. I think the pictures below really display Hyrum's enthusiasm. Below is Hyrum and his good friend Macey

Hyrum was so excited to come up and give us his recent projects. He was so cute. You could tell that he was so proud of the hard work he had put into the art projects, worksheets etc. that he was giving us.

To start off, the class did their Bungalow song. Each child gets to make up part of the actions to the song when it is their turn. Hyrum told me that you have to think of something that no one else has done yet. For his turn, he decided to have the class jump up and down.The next part of the program, we were able to watch a video which showed us what a typical morning was like at preschool. It was fun to see what part of a day is like at preschool.
L to R Hyrum, Aleece, Hailey, Ms. Tami, Kelsie
Bottom Row, Macey, Lexi, Maggie and Boo (notice Boo and Hyrum share the love for Dinosaurs)

Afterward, Ms. Tami had yummy sugar cookies as a treat. I wonder what he was thinking about.
The party ended with a gift from Ms. Tami. Hyrum was so excited to open his present. Ms. Tami gave each child a nativity to help them remember the true meaning of the Christmas season.Ms. Tami is such a great teacher. Hyrum loves her so much! He is constantly talking about how wonderful she is. He thinks she is the best!


camille said...

Hey Natalie! It's been such a long time! I can't believe that you have 3 kids! How fun! They are all so darling! I'm glad you found me, now we can keep up, stay in touch girl!

Bonnie said...

Hyrum looks so cute in those pictures! You can tell how proud he is, so fun!

Ashlee said...

THose pictures are great. Hyrum's teacher sounds great. That is so fun!