Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finishing Utah

Below are some pictures from the trip to Utah that we took around Christmas. This is my last Utah post for now, so I wanted to end our trip with some cute pictures from our trip that didn't make it into other posts.
We had such a great time in Utah. We played lots of games. After the kids went down for naps or down for the night we would play games for as long as we could. We had a blast.Of course, the kids loved being read to by everyone. They love to snuggle up for a good book.Emmy found many people who would help her find her nummies.Hyrum was in love with the snow.Ben had a great time wrestling with everyone.Movies were watched in the infamous blue chair.Grandma gave in and got Ben a Mack truck too since Santa only brought one. Ben was so happy and packed and still packs around his beloved toy.We are so grateful to my family for being such wonderful hosts. They took such great care of us. Everyone loved being in Utah and it was a sad day when it was time for us to leave. It is hard to leave loved ones behind.

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