Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Diva and Little Mother

I have loved having little Miss Emmy in my life. She is so full of spunk, energy and has quite the little personality.
She is also all girl. Earlier this week during Family Home Evening, we made a craft and she had to have the pink paper with the pink marker. Occasionally I could talk her into using the purple marker but for the most part she stuck with the pink.

Later that night as we were getting her ready for bed she decided that she only wanted the pink pajamas.She didn't like the ones that I pulled out that weren't all pink. I think we are in trouble.

She'll play shy and coy and flirt with you if she doesn't know you very well. She knows how to work her stuff already at two.
She loves having a bow in her hair and a bracelet on her wrist. She loves it when I put a little blush on her cheeks and gloss on her lips. She loves to change her clothes and put shoes on. I love hearing her walk around her house in her princess shoes she got for Christmas. You hear clip-clop, clip-clop through the house.

Ever since she has been teeny tiny she has loved to look at herself in the mirror...a lot! She would always get the hugest grin when she would see herself in the mirror. Even still she loves to look at herself in the mirror. Santa in Texas brought her a little Vanity set for Christmas and when we got it open she just sat there for a long time looking at herself and smiling.

I love how she sings her heart out when she hears music. Most of the time it is just jabbers, but sometimes you understand what she is singing. She has such a sweet little voice.

She loves the movie Nemo and calls the movie Turtles. She also fell in love with sharks even though they scared her at first. Sharks and turtles are some of her favorite animals.

She is showing a little interest in potty training, but I have no desire to start yet. I don't think she is completely ready to start.

I love how she tries her best to take care of her brothers. She is their other mother. Yesterday I used a wash cloth to wash their faces after breakfast and for the rest of the morning she was chasing after Ben to wash his face with the cloth again and again. After a few minutes she would yell "Ben-Boo" and run to him and wash his face. Ben was a good sport the first few times, but after awhile he got sick of it.

Yesterday I got the camera out and took some pictures and after I would take each one she would run up to me and say ,"see,see!" She loves looking at pictures of herself. She takes adorable pictures! I love you baby girl!


Steph said...

Oh my gosh! She is so cute! :) I really want to have a little girly girl that likes to wear bracelets and dresses and bows. Boys are super cute too, but there's just nothing quite like little girls! Good thing she's such a little helper! (haha that pink obsession is so cute too. How funny that at two she already has an absolute favorite color!)

meg said...

Fun post--i like getting a glimpse into what your kids are like. emmy sounds like she definitely holds her own with two brothers in the house.

Smelsha said...

She is all girl! She has super cute hair and looks so grown up. Watch out boys!