Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fun at the Zoo!

One of the things Hyrum wanted to do with my parents when they came to visit was to take them to the zoo. You might remember my previous post about my dad being afraid of snakes. Hryum wanted to take my dad to the zoo and show him the snakes.

In front of the Zoo they have cement creations of various animals (very cool). They had all the animals dressed up in costumes. My favorite one was a Hippo in workout gear with a treadmill and dumbbells. Hyrum wanted to get his picture taken by the Thomas the Train Rhino.

Hyrum doing a silly pose.

Ben and Emily were in heaven! Like I have mentioned before, they are huge animal fans. They loved the monkeys! Below are pictures of them with Grandma and Papa looking at the monkeys. They also enjoyed looking at the giraffes, sea lions and polar bears. It was so cute to hear their little animal sounds they would make as we went from one animal to another.

In the aquarium area with the sea lions and polar bears Ben loved every minute. He would run from one side to the other just laughing and chasing the animals as they swam back and forth.

Every time we have gone to the zoo recently Hyrum has wanted to sit in a picture booth to get his picture taken. So, Hyrum and Grandma sat in the booth and go their picture taken.
Hyrum told Papa that he would hold his hand while they looked at the snakes so he wouldn't be scared. Here they are standing in front of the entrance to the Herpetarium. Looking at the BIG, SCARY snake!


mamasteph said...

We love the zoo! We'll all have to go together sometime! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!

The P*dunc's said...

that is so great that you get to see your parents all the time. it makes me homesick seeing that and brings back so many memories of growing up!

meg said...

ah, the zoo. good times! i love that photo of hyrum by the train. i bet the kids loved having their grandparents there.

Bonnie said...

What fun the zoo is! Looks like you had a good time!

lcdiaz said...

how fun to go to the zoo and even better when grandma and papa get to come too :) I thought that was such a cute idea to send invitations to all the kids and have it be in memphis. Your mom was so cute when she was telling me about it. i'm glad that they got to come visit. your kids are getting so big...i can't believe "hyroom" will be 4!!! crazy.

Kyle & Jill Revell said...

How fun! Your pictures are so good!