Sunday, September 28, 2008

A post for Papa

I just wanted to take a moment and wish a Happy Birthday to my dad! He said he didn't want anything for his birthday except pictures from my kids. Well, he is not only getting pictures, but a video of them singing Happy Birthday to him. Well, at least two kids are in the video. Ben wanted to play with the ball instead of sitting on the couch and singing. Emmy on the other hand is singing her heart out.

Recently we went to the zoo and all Hyrum wanted to do was go and see the snakes and turtles. I told him that Papa isn't a big fan of snakes. He wondered why his papa didn't like snakes which are some of the coolest creatures. I told him that he could call his Papa when we got home and ask him why he doesn't like snakes. Hyrum thought that it would be fun to take some pictures by the snakes to scare Papa. Hyrum also said he wanted his Papa to come to his house and go to the Zoo with him so he could show him the snakes.

We hope you had a great birthday Papa! We love you! My dad really does have other shirts. This shirt must be his favorite.

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whitney said...

What a cute idea to do a singing video! I just may steal that idea sometime!!