Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birthday Fun... Well, Sort of

This past Sunday we decided that we should "celebrate" (open presents, cake) Ben and Emmy's birthday shortly after church even though they had a short nap and a long day at church. Are we crazy, yes, but we wanted my parents to be there for the "celebration" before they flew back home. As a result, tired and cranky kids.

Here they are opening their presents from their Great-Grandma B. They loved the cars!Hyrum was so cute. He was so excited to give his presents to Emmy and Ben. Hyrum really enjoyed helping Ben and Emmy open their presents. I felt bad that Ben and Emmy weren't that excited when they opened his presents, but they loved them later.

Hyrum got Ben a Thomas the Train shirt. Ben had to have Papa help him put on the shirt the moment he opened it. The railroad sign even lights up. Ben is in love with his shirt.Hyrum got Emmy some tickle socks and Baby legs. She is totally into socks right now, so I thought she would love the socks. She didn't at first (Hyrum was putting them right in her face after she opened the), but the next day wore the socks and loved them.Grandma and Grandpa T. gave the Ben a Leap Frog Barn. You put the animals in the barn and match the pieces together. Any time we go to anyone's house who has this toy, the kid love it. The toy tells you facts about the animals and their sounds and color. The kids love it! They are big animal fans.Emmy received a grocery cart from Grandma and Grandpa T and has loved it. My parents gave the twins a play kitchen, but when we got it out of the box to put together the main part was broken. What a bummer! We still have to return it. The kids also received capes for their birthdays and lots of books from my parents. Brandon and I are giving them some play food to go along with their kitchen, but we haven't opened the packages yet.

Hyrum told me that he wanted to get Emmy pink cupcakes for her birthday. Being the ambitious mom that I am I went to Wal-mart and found a packet of white and pink cupcakes and called it a party. We put candles in the cupcakes for the kids to blowout.The kids practiced on Grandma's birthday blowing out candles so they knew what to do. They were so cute! Ben did a great job blowing out his candles.
They were so funny eating their cupcakes. So different. Emmy took one lick and then used her palm to shove the whole thing in her mouth at once. Ben on the other hand took dainty little bites. You think that it would be reversed. Oh well, either way they really enjoyed their cupcakes and ate three of them. Happy Birthday sweet Emmy and sweet Ben.


mamasteph said...

It looks like they had a great time! It's always fun to celebrate birthdays with family!

John and Laura said...

Wow! Two years old already. I had to laugh about you having the party with crabby kids. Parenting is a lot of that, isn't it?!?

Happy Birthday, Emmy and Ben!

Ashlee said...

Holy Cow! Are they 2 already??? I swear I was just looking at your post from their last birthday! Crazy. I am impressed to hear that they are counting so well. Way to go Mom:) What great kids! Glad you had fun with your parents.

lcdiaz said...

wow! I can't believe that they are 2!!! It went by so fast! It made me laugh that miss Emmy shoved in her cupcake while ben took little bites....don't deny a girl her chocolate :) You are such a great mom and do such fun things!!

meg said...

what cuties. happy birthday! they adorable no matter what.