Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fours and Sixes

I was recently tagged by my friend Rebecca. This is a picture tag. You are supposed to go to your photos on your computer and find the 4th file then pick the 4th photo. I must first start by saying my pictures aren't that organized. The first picture is of Hyrum during our Valentine's Dinner that we had earlier this year. You can tell he was really excited about the cars. The second picture has to do with another tag my friends Laura and Erin did. Instead of doing the number four, number six is the lucky number. You go to your photos on your computer and find the 6th file and then pick the sixth photo. The picture below is a picture of Hyrum in one of the many forts Brandon has made with him. You might remember this particular picture from The Bargain post. Brandon made a deal with Hyrum that if he would clean up his room, he would make him a fort.
I tag Stephanie M., Lissa C., Emily A., Jen D., Starla E., Libby, Kristen D. and who ever else wants to do it. It is a fun tag.

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