Monday, October 27, 2008

Shockers' Soccer!

What kind of trip would my parents have if they didn't catch a Shocker soccer game. Hyrum LOVED having my parents there for his soccer game. He loved showing off his new and improved soccer skills. Also, Hyrum also had my dad there to help coach him as he played goalie for the team.I don't think I have mentioned what happens at the end of the soccer game. The parents and spectators of both teams make a huge tunnel and cheer the kids on as they run through. The tunnel is a seriously big hit.
My parents are little softies when it comes to my kids. Ben and Emmy were taken out of their stroller during the game (I usually make them stay in their stroller the whole game). Emmy spent most of her time carrying around my mom's cell phone and my keys. You can tell by the look on her face that she was quite enjoyed herself. As I have said before, all girl!
Ben was happy and content to kick around Hyrum's soccer ball. One time he did end up close to another field trying to get in on the game, but we caught up with him just in time. I think we will definitely put him in soccer when he is old enough.


emily said...

we're so glad hyrum loves soccer like he does- the kid cracks me up though cuz you never know if he's going to be in the mood to run or 'go slow' that day! hilarious.

lcdiaz said...

I love that ben was itchin to get into the game!! That made me crack up! "Hyroom" (compliments of calvin) looks so cute in his soccer gear. I love it. Emmy is such a GIRL!! It's too cute!