Thursday, October 02, 2008

It is Back!

Have no fear soccer is back. Hyrum's soccer league is back up and running. I am sure all of you were missing the cute soccer pictures and funny video scenes from the games; well at least our grandmas were.

Hyrum has had a few practices and two games now and he is loving it. He seems to have improved quite a bit from last season. He is getting more chances to kick the ball, his confidence is improving about himself in regards to soccer and seems to be enjoying soccer even more (I really didn't think that was possible).

He understands the rules a little bit better. Yesterday, he was trying to play soccer with Ben and Emmy and trying to tell them that they aren't supposed to use their hands playing soccer. Also, going to his soccer game last Saturday he was telling Brandon and myself all the rules about soccer. It was really cute to hear him tell us the soccer rules from his point of view.

Once again Hyrum has some great coaches. We are truly grateful for the time and effort they put into the season. Hyrum is in heaven and loves every minute.

Don't worry there will be more pictures and videos of this mass chaos activity he is involved in posted on the blog.

Waiting for the game to start
Attaching the ball
Kicking a Penalty Kick
Waiting to be put in
Really cute picture, cropped to protect the names of the innocent.
Hanging with the boys
yes, his eyes are close, but we didn't
get another picture


Kathryn said...

Yay soccer! I'm excited to be a soccer mom in another 2 years or so. Kids are definitely little angel while sleeping.

lcdiaz said...

YEA for soccer!! He is so cute in his gear :) I heard about "grandmas" b-day party at chucky cheese! That's so fun! Your kids are so so cute!! Tell them hi for us :)

Lisa said...

Wow--I can't believe Hyrum is old enough to play soccer! It looks like he loves it. We miss you guys!